Tuks technology and app support


Many of the services available on campus are found online or arrangements to utilise them are made online. Retrieving information and submitting also happens online, therefore ensuring that student’s online communication is active and effective is crucial.

There are a number of support centres that are available to assist students in the event that students have tech or computer literacy troubles. The University offers a compulsory module for all first-year students called AIM (Academic information management), which equips students with computer literacy skills that will assist in guiding them on the correct format for assignments when using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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The UP Student Portal


The student portal is an online gateway where UP students can log into the university network to access important information regarding their courses and other facilities within the university.

The portal is a method of communication between the university and the students and provides all necessary information regarding academics and other factors surrounding academics.

In order to access the portal, students need to use either Google Chrome or internet explorer to reach the UP portal login page.

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Vodacom provides free data for Vodacom-registered students


On 27 September 2017, Vodacom announced that it will provide free data to students who are registered as Vodacom subscribers. 19 universities are participating in this project.

In a press release, Vodacom “acknowledges that more needs to be done to enable South Africans to enjoy the social benefits of connectivity and its associated costs. We remain committed to addressing data cost transformation and building on our Siyakha platform that offers zero-rated portals for school learners and job seekers”.

Staff and students who are Vodacom users will be able to access certain websites for free. These websites include the university’s website, online library services, student portals and other learning platforms.

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Plagiarism at UP


The University of Pretoria’s website defines plagiarism as, “A serious form of academic misconduct which involves both appropriating someone else’s written or creative work and passing it off as one’s own work.” Written or creative work refers to words, images, ideas, opinions, discoveries, artworks, music, recordings and computer-generated work among many. Plagiarism could be committed in assignments, where students take information from the internet, books or other sources and pass it off as their own work.

This act is forbidden and bears serious consequences. When a student is found guilty of plagiarising, they are informed in writing by the marker and given an opportunity to deny the allegation in person. If the student admits to plagiarising, the marker will then suggest a penalty in line with the Plagiarism Penalty Scale, and a note of the incident will be made on the student’s record. Such a penalty can be serious enough to affect their academic progress. In extreme cases, penalties could result in suspension, expulsion or denial to graduate.

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Who to contact when you need help


There are a variety of services available for UP students should they ever need assistance. These services include medical, legal and security services. Here’s a look at some of UP’s support services, available throughout the year to all registered UP students.

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