Support for students as suicide rates rise


On 4 August a student at the Jasmyn residence attempted suicide. According to UP spokesperson, Rikus Delport, TuksRes alerted emergency services as soon as they became aware of the situation and the student was released into the care of her parents after receiving the necessary medical attention. Delport said, “The house mother and her team did everything in their control to ensure the student received the help she needed.” He further went on to say, “Counselling support was offered to the students involved and we encourage those who still feel the need it to make use of the University’s counselling services on campus.”

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Dennis Ngango: UP’s rising social star


On 7 October UP student, Dennis Ngango, made it to the top three of the Samsung Social star competition, where finalists were granted an opportunity to travel to Mauritius. On 13 October, Ngango was announced as the winner. Competitors had to post a video of one minute or less, or a series of three pictures, on Instagram showing why they should be given an opportunity to join Jo-Ann Strauss and Masego “Maps” Maponyane alongside the Samsung team.

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Hooqey aims to connect students with one another


Hooqey is an international social networking platform designed for students to keep in touch with one another and to be updated on what’s happening at their university. Perdeby spoke to the person behind the creation of Hooqey, Thulas Maziya. Maziya came up with the idea while he was a student at UP. Maziya said that he went onto Facebook to see what was happening on campus on a day when it had been raining heavily.

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#DESACares gives back to the female community


The staff members for the Department of Enrolment and Student Administration (DESA), together with the Sistagirl Foundation donated ‘dignity packs’ to underprivileged girls in schools. Dignity packs included essential, basic toiletries such as sanitary towels, deodorant, soap, facecloths, toothbrushes and toothpaste. 

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UP preserves unframed art


On 27 September, the Department of UP Arts announced that it would begin to conserve over 8 600 unframed artworks from UP’s art collection. The department is responsible for managing and preserving all UP art resources, which includes all art items that are available for public exhibition in the university. 

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