CAAC creates awareness for disabilities


On 1 September, the Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (CAAC) hosted a disability awareness event at the Piazza on the Hatfield campus. The event focused on people who cannot speak or have limited speech, and thus rely on technology to communicate.

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Car guards: eyes and ears of the police


On 31 August, 50 car guards received certificates from UP at a graduation ceremony.

The car guards underwent a six-month programme in life skills and crime prevention at UP. During the course, the car guards also attended police meetings every week to discuss crime in their respective areas.

One of the 50 car guards is Michael Ndimane. Speaking to eNCA, Ndimane said he has been working as a car guard for the past three years. Ndimane said, “My past life was a mess. I was not honest about my life and I was doing crime, smash and grabs.” Ndimane decided to turn his life around after spending some time in jail. Ndimane said, “I started parking cars and from it I was making an honest living, and through it I could maintain my family.”

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Anti-Discrimination Week overview


In light of drafting a new anti-discrimination policy, UP ran an Anti-Discrimination Week from 28 August to 1 September across all UP campuses.

UP’s Anti-Discriminationwebpage says the drafting of a new anti-discrimination policy was meant to “prevent discrimination in all its forms on all its campuses”. It adds that it seeks to “establish a community with a culture that is inclusive and affirming to all its members”.

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Campus News Bites 11 September 2017

UP’s Aula Lawn to be temporarily closed

The Aula Lawn on UP’s Hatfield campus will be closed temporarily for restoration and treatment, which is done annually at the beginning of Spring. The lawn will be closed from 4 September until 29 September

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2017/2018 SRC inaugurated


On 31 August the 2017/2018 Student Representative Council’s (SRC) official inauguration took place between 12:00 and 13:00 at the Roosmaryn Building on the Hatfield Campus. Some of those in attendance included Director of the Department of Student Affairs, Dr Matete Madiba, Deputy Director of the Department of Student Affairs, Dr Willem Jorissen, 2016 TSC President, Henrico Barnard, Deputy President, Thabo Shingange, and the Constitutional Tribunal’s Chief Justice, Rainier Rademan.

In her opening statement, Dr Madiba announced that the Independent Monitoring Body (IMB) had declared the 2017/2018 SRC elections free and fair. “Our special congratulations goes to all the candidates who participated, but of course especially to the 12 new SRC candidates” said Dr Madiba.

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