TRWLA host year-end graduation ceremony


On 19 October the TuksRes Women in Leadership Academy (TRWLA) hosted their annual year-end graduation ceremony at TuksMonate.

The academy was founded in 2014 by Cyan Brown, a final year medicine student. TRWLA aims to empower women by enriching their lives at university. Leadership skills are often obtained through workshops, motivational talks and community service programs. The event was held to acknowledge young women who participated in the program. Keynote speakers included CEO of Sigma Capital and Harvard University graduate, Phuti Mahanyele as well as world-renowned media personality, Tumi Makgabo.

According to Mahanyele, most people avoid their true dreams and tend to live by building the dreams of others instead of their own. She also mentioned that women have a purpose. In spite of women being less represented in senior management positions, she reiterated that women are in fact “more ambitious than men at entry level”. Mahanyele was listed as one of Forbes’ 20 youngest power women in Africa.

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Intervarsity News 23 October 2017

University of Free State (UFS)

On 18 October UFS management held a meeting with the university’s SRC to discuss a potential 8% fee increment for the university. This follows after Stellenbosch University announced their increment earlier this month. Disruptions at UFS ensued shortly after the meeting began. On 19 October a video was uploaded on Twitter where students at UFS were met with disruptions in the midst of a semester test. According to one of them, protesters were armed with fire extinguishers and started discharging extinguisher gas “through small windows in the classroom”. The students who were writing began struggling to breathe after the gas was released and some resorted to breaking glass windows in order to get oxygen into the room. According to News24, students who broke the glass windows sustained injuries and one eventually collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital. Both of them managed to receive medical assistance for their wounds.

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Intervarsity News 16 October 2017

University of the Witwatersrand (Wits)

On 12 September Wits announced it is set to enhance and change teaching and learning methods by introducing a high-tech eZone, a physical learning space that uses sophisticated technology and advanced eLearning tools to deliver education that helps students to keep up with the times. The project, which has been named eFundaninathi (translation eLearn) is set to be introduced by an occupational therapist and PhD student, Paula Barnard. Barnard introduced a joint initiative that sought to combine the school of Therapeutic Sciences and the School of Education in order to ensure that students will keep up with the times and be on par with rapid technological advancement.

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UP entrepreneurship event: Ignite Ideathon



Ignite Ideathon is an event to unite UP students and exercise their “entrepreneurship juices”. Created by UP alumni turned entrepreneurs and business owners, Nkanyiso Mlobane and George Tshepo Mokoena, this year’s event, held on 18-19 October, was the first of its kind. The 22 applicants who entered the pitch competition had to come up with three minute innovative pitches based on one of four topics given, namely, agriculture, maritime, education and Bitcoin.

The winners of the Ideathon not only received prize money for their innovative ideas but they have also been given a chance to pursue their ideas even further through the help of UP Business Incubator as well as the event’s sponsor, Standard Bank.

Also involved in hosting Ignite Ideathon was UP MakerSpace, a laboratory that allows UP students with creative ideas to team up with technologically advanced students and bring their ideas to life. The main goal of the organisations involved in the event is to help transform UP into a hub of entrepreneurial activity and to embrace the creativity of its students.

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Campus News Bites 16 October 2017

UP provides free entrepreneurship programme for future young entrepreneurs

UP is offering an online course that provides students with the necessary tools and information they need to start their own businesses.

The aim is to equip students so they do not struggle to find employment once they graduate. According to Statistics South Africa, South Africa had an unemployment rate of 27.7% in the first quarter of 2017, which is the highest figure since September 2003.

Entrepreneurship Professional Online Development (POD) will include three phases: #Start_UP, #Link_UP and #Grow_UP, which will provide successful candidates with all the tools, skills and aid they need to become entrepreneurs. During the phases, students work will be critically assessed by analysts and expert business managers.

All students can enrol for a free POD course on ClickUP.

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