Don’t judge a Library by its cover


UP’s Library Services offer students a place to work and to do research for their projects or assignments.

The most prominent feature of the library is its study areas. Hundreds of tables and chairs are available for students to sit and study. Electrical sockets are also located close to these areas for students to charge laptops, phones and other devices.

Students can use Wi-Fi hotspots in the library to access the internet. The library also provides over 100 computers for students to do research, print assignments and access ClickUP.

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UP students create transport initiative


Three UP students have created a first year transport initiative in which they assist incoming first year students to get to their residences or private accommodation locations. The initiative’s creators, Bongo Lobese, Caroline Letsoalo and Refiloe Mofokeng strive to build a relationship with first years and become a support structure that many new students lack.                        

Starting on 26 January, when most first years arrive at their residences, students/people who volunteer for the drive will be collecting incoming students from various arrival points such as airports, taxi ranks, train or bus stations, and dropping them off at their places of residence.

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Tuks technology and app support


Many of the services available on campus are found online or arrangements to utilise them are made online. Retrieving information and submitting also happens online, therefore ensuring that student’s online communication is active and effective is crucial.

There are a number of support centres that are available to assist students in the event that students have tech or computer literacy troubles. The University offers a compulsory module for all first-year students called AIM (Academic information management), which equips students with computer literacy skills that will assist in guiding them on the correct format for assignments when using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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The heart of the university: The student centre


The student centre is the one place on campus that offers all the things any student needs. Students can buy books, food, stationery and even seek assistance in terms of accommodation. Most importantly, students can also use the facilities to socialise with other students.

One of the greatest things about the studentcentre is the weekly promotions from all sectors within and outside the university. During the first few weeks of the year, students are able to sign up for various societies. Throughout the year promoters from Labello, Redbull, Standard Bank and many more visit campus to inform and get students involved in external activities. Most of the time students receive freebies when such promotions happen. Students are also able to take part in activities that matter, like donating blood at the South African National Blood Services tent whenever it is made available.

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The UP Student Portal


The student portal is an online gateway where UP students can log into the university network to access important information regarding their courses and other facilities within the university.

The portal is a method of communication between the university and the students and provides all necessary information regarding academics and other factors surrounding academics.

In order to access the portal, students need to use either Google Chrome or internet explorer to reach the UP portal login page.

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