UP&Out break the silence


On 26 March, UP&Out held a silent march with the aim of amending the current UP code of conduct. Starting off with a smaller crowd at Oom Gert's on UP’s Hatfield campus, the march quickly picked up pace and participation.

At the end of the march, the marchers were met by Professor Niek Grové, the UP Registrar, in front of the Huis-en-Haard Building next to Oom Gert’s. Monique Hlatshwayo, chairperson of UP&Out, handed over a memorandum to Grové in which the society expressed its concerns.

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UP PhD graduate’s abstract read out in Sepedi

UP’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) held its graduation ceremony on 30 March, during which Dr. Anastacia Mamabolo, a PhD graduate, had her abstract read out in her mother tongue – Sepedi. This is a first for UP and GIBS, whose academia has largely centred around Afrikaans and English. 

According to UP’s website, Dr. Mamabolo’s PHD thesis “investigated the human capital investments and skills specific to the different entrepreneurship phases, namely the nascent, new business and established phases”. The newly-conferred doctor is described as “an advocate for hard work and achievement” by Nicola Kleyn, the GIBS dean. “Anastacia is a role model for her contemporaries and for up-and-coming women in academia,” she added.

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UP Task Team on insourcing reports progress

On 29 March, Acting Chairperson of the Insourcing Task Team, Prof. Maxi Schoeman, released a statement reporting on the agreement signed between UP management and the Task Team regarding insourcing at UP. According to Prof. Schoeman, the Task Team was satisfied with the progress of insourcing, noting improvements made to the clinic facility for staff. 

Prof. Schoeman confirmed that the Task Team had received a report from the Oversight Committee on Worker Victimisation, adding that a small number of cases had not been resolved at the time of the Task Team’s meeting on 28 March. “The Task Team discussed the matter of a possible top-up adjustment for staff members who have been identified as part of the insourcing process, [and that] a proposal had been submitted to the University Executive for consideration,” concluded Prof. Schoeman.
On 12 February, the Task Team reported that at its third meeting, which was held on 10 February 2016, that “the identification of contract staff who qualify for the salary top-up [was] nearing completion and that the meetings with service providers [were] progressing well.” This was the Task Team’s fifth meeting since an agreement on the insourcing of campus services was first signed at UP on 20 January 2016. According to a statement by UP, parties to the agreement included representatives of contract workers, students, organised labour and UP management who formed part of the UP Com

UP 2017 Autumn Graduations hold unique milestones

This year over 13 000 students will receive their degrees at UP’s Autumn graduation ceremonies. UP’s largest ever group of postgraduate black women graduates (1 453) are included in this number, representing almost a third of all postgraduate degrees to be conferred this graduation season. In total, 186 doctorates, 1 376 masters degrees and 2 816 honours degrees will be conferred. 

UP Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof. Cheryl de la Rey congratulated the graduates. Prof. de la Rey said, “Achieving an academic degree does not come easy. It requires persistence, dedication and hard work. Our graduates can be justifiably proud of reaching this milestone.”
According to UP spokesperson, Candice Jooste, among the group of graduates is 19 year-old Quintine Mkhondo, who graduates with a degree in Actuarial Sciences and Financial Mathematics. Mkhondo has studied at UP for the past four years after initially enrolling at the age of 15. Jooste adds that two honorary degrees will also be conferred on Dr Jean Clandinin, professor and founding director of the Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development at the University of Alberta, and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Moltmann, an emeritus professor of Theology at Tübingen University in Germany, for their contributions in their respective fields. 


Image: University of Pretoria's Facebook page

New smart access cards launched at UP

UP’s new smart access cards will be issued to students, staff and contractors in phases from 20 April. According to UP spokesperson Candice Jooste, to obtain a new smart access card, fingerprints and a photo will be required and therefore access cards will have to be acquired in person. Issuing of new smart access cards will commence on Hatfield Campus from 20 April to 19 May. The new smart access cards can be obtained from the Student Service Centre (formerly known as the Client Service Centre), the reception at the Graduate Centre, and at the shop next to Haloa under the Engineering bridge. 

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