Constitution for Student Governance referendum under way


The review process of the Constitution for Student Governance (CSG) was officially launched on 24 April by the Department of Student Affairs (DSA).

In terms of section 50 of the CSG, a referendum must be held at least every five years on whether the Constitution should be reviewed.

The referendum, which is currently under way, will close on 12 May.

The referendum currently takes the form of a ClickUP link in which three questions are asked. These three questions include whether students voted in the previous SRC elections, whether students thought the current student governance model in the CSG and its election process should be retained, and whether the current CSG should be changed. Students are also encouraged to make suggestions alongside the questions and will have to quote their student number at the end of the questionnaire.

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Campus News Bites 8 May 2017

Free Online Entrepreneurship Programme at UP

The University of Pretoria and Enterprises UP (training and research partner at UP) has initiated a free online Entrepreneurship Programme, which is a Professional Online Development short course that forms part of a ready-for-work initiative. Students can enrol online for the short course that teaches skills such as how to convert a business idea into a business model, build a business plan and source funding, all at the chosen pace of the student. Through this initiative, UP and Enterprises UP are taking steps to equip students with empowering and life-enhancing skills to successfully move from an academic setting to the work domain by applying essential and specialised skills to improve all students and graduates’ prospects for employability. More info is available at


Tuks Camerata CD nominated for SAMAs

Tuks Camerata has announced that their CD, Love + War, has been nominated for best classical and/or instrumental album for the South African Music Awards.

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Quintine Mkhondo: a prodigy


Whiz kid, Quintine Mkhondo, graduated at 19 years old with a degree in Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics during one of UP’s recent autumn graduation ceremonies.

This extraordinary feat, which was set in motion when he became a first-year student at the age of 15, has garnered him immense media attention which he says he never expected. He admitted that he found the attention overwhelming, as he felt that it brought about scrutiny. “I am glad that I didn’t get that attention when I first started out,” he said, as it afforded him the opportunity to focus on his studies.

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Intervarsity News 8 May 2017

University of Cape Town (UCT)

Researchers at UCT’s Drug Discovery and Development Centre H3D, in collaboration with Medicines for Malaria Venture, have discovered and biologically profiled a new anti-malaria drug that has the potential to cure the disease with a single dose. According to the Science Translational Medicine journal, the drug MMV390048 is a compound that is effective against the parasite throughout its entire life cycle, as well as resistant strains of malaria, and could mean being one step closer to wiping out the disease.

According to the World Health Organisation, Africa carries a high malaria burden compared to the rest of the world, with over 90% of malaria deaths occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Fly@UP: the Finish Line is Yours


FLY@UP is a holistically-driven UP initiative encouraging students to keep up with their studies and graduate in the minimum prescribed time.

The initiative, started in 2016, is called “FLY”, which stands for “the Finish Line is Yours”. According to the UP website, it is beneficial for students to finish their degrees in the minimum prescribed time, as this saves money and time in the commencement of work or higher degrees. According to project co-ordinator Hestie Byles, the FLY@ UP programme revolves around three core messages to students: choosing modules carefully, managing time and working consistently, and aiming for a good semester mark.

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