Students unhappy with UP’s take on gender-based violence

Masesi Tsotetsi

As reported by The Citizen on 19 February, UP students are unhappy with the university’s progress regarding action taken to prevent gender-based violence. Students told the publication that the university seems to be taking its time revising policies of gender-based violence, sexual harassment and discriminatory actions. The students also said that the university has been “dragging its feet” as it has failed to keep its promise to open a crisis centre for raped and sexually assaulted victims. As a result, students have issues with their safety when they are on campus.

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Luigi Di Sarro World Disclosure exhibition

Ricardo Teixeira

On 1 March, an exhibition commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the death of Luigi Di Sarro opened at the Eduardo Villa Museum on the UP Hatfield campus.

The exhibition entitled World Disclosure, is open to the public and features eight sculptures, 12 enlargements of drawings, and two original pieces, entitled All' Amore and Addio, that have been donated to the University of Pretoria Museums by the family of Luigi Di Sarro.

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Mamelodi Campus Alumni Club launched

Shaun Sproule and Ricardo Teixeira

On Saturday 17 February 2018, the University of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus Alumni Club was founded. The day marked a historic moment, commemorating the success of the students who started their academic careers at the campus.

The event was attended by Vice-Principal Prof Norman Duncan, Dean of the Mamelodi Campus, Prof Nthabiseng Audrey Ogude, the Dean of the Natural and Agricultural sciences faculty, Prof Jean Lubuma, the Deputy Dean of the Economic Management Faculty, Prof Johan Oberholster, and other distinguished guests.

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Art exhibition in the Humanities building

Henri Uys

An exhibition, NUTRIA 2 – Imprints of Conscription into the SADF, is currently being held in the foyer of the Humanities Building on the Hatfield campus.

UP PhD candidate and curator of the exhibition, Stephen Symons, said, “The exhibition seeks to interrogate the manner in which memories of the conscription of white males into the former South African Defence Force (SADF) enter a contested present. South African society was gradually intruded upon and militarised by the Nationalist government, reaching its apogee in the mid-1980s. Six hundred thousand men were conscripted from white South African society between 1968 and 1993, meaning that many ex-conscripts still occupy important positions of power and influence within South African society.”

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UP helps to empower creative entrepreneurs

Henri Uys

The SA Creative Industries Incubator, the Department of Small Business Development, and Enterprises UP recently presented a programme designed to help young entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurship Development Programme was launched last year and was presented to more than 80 creative industry entrepreneurs from Gauteng. According to an article on Enterprises UP’s website, “This market-aligned content framework was designed to be inclusive of all the different topics and skills that are seen as critical to establish, manage and grow a small business successfully in the creative sector.” In addition to the traditional training methods employed by Enterprises UP, the SA Creative Industries Incubator introduced unique and creative methods for learning and content delivery that include music, visual arts and movement-based techniques for learning integration.

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