Conflict of interest for SRC leaders

The Student Representative Council’s annual elections have been marred by controversy before the candidates have even been announced. Accusations of foul play are bouncing off the walls of Tukkie Werf, and these accusations go right to the top.

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Career Week


Since Monday, July 20, Career Placements has been hosting Career Week at the University of Pretoria. This is an annual programme aimed at exposing final year students to a wide variety of employment opportunities once they fi nish studying.

Career Placements is a division of the Client Service Centre. Despite the misleading name, Career Week runs for nearly three weeks, starting from July 20 until August 06. It takes the form of presentations that are given by various companies from around South Africa.

The presentations take place in the Sanlam Auditorium and each presentation lasts about 45 minutes. There are up to fi ve presentations every weekday, with an expected total of 47 companies putting themselves on display for career-minded students. There are a wide variety of companies giving presentations during Career Week.

Invited companies include Shell, Standard Bank, L’Oreal South Africa, Nestlé and KPMG. Most of the companies attending Career Week will only be recruiting students with specifi c qualifi cations. However, some companies will accommodate students from any faculty.

According to the Career Week programme, Chilli Adventures Work & Travel offers “exciting Work and Travel opportunities overseas.” The programme goes on to add, “All students [are] welcome!” Similarly, Teach Korea “is open to ALL adventurous graduates with a bachelors degree and passport.”

Even if students do not find employment through these presentations, they may still establish important contacts or get some perspective as to what they want to do in the near future. Tamryn Moni, who is a fi rst year tourism student, said of Chilli Adventures Work & Travel, “They definitely sold me on it.”

Oluchi Nwankwo is doing her honours in technology management. She has attended several presentations during Career Week and she says that she fi nds them “very informative.” The presentations are open to everyone, and there are often freebies on offer.

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