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Women protest against rape at UP


On 16 May, approximately 100 female students protested on UP’s Hatfield campus. The protest was part of a campaign called “UP safety is a lie”.

Perdeby spoke to some of the protestors, who preferred to be identified as “All women on campus”. They said, “We decided to come together because we are tired of this institution (UP) not protecting us and not protecting our interests. We are unsafe in this space. Women are getting raped, women are getting sexually violated in their own residences.”

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Serrie 2017 cancelled


Following a social media outburst condemning derogatory and sexist posters shown at Serrie prelims, STUKU announced on its Facebook page that the 2017 Serrie finals have been cancelled. According to Temporary Student Committee (TSC) President Henrico Barnard, the decision to cancel Serrie was taken this afternoon at a meeting between the TSC, the Department of Student Affairs and STUKU (Student Culture).

Several student leaders took to Facebook to express their opinions on the matter. TSC Deputy President Thabo Shingange said “We are pleased to inform that Serrie Finals have been cancelled, we need to uproot this culture #UPRapeCrisis #MenAreTrash.” Former SRC member for residences Michael Bongani Reinders condemned the incident referring to it as the “epitome of the perpetuation of toxic masculinity and misogyny.”

In a statement by STUKU it confirmed that the Serrie Finals had been cancelled. "The decision  was not easy and was made after long deliberation and consultation with various stakeholders...," the statement read. It added that "The decision was made in the best interests of the students and the University community as an institution of higher learning." The statement also said that STUKU would rely on the student body to ensure that future student culture events would not be marred by a repeat of insensitive, disrespectful or offensive behaviour. 

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Semester in review



The first semester of 2017 is coming to a close and a lot has happened around UP’s campuses. 2017 opened with the news that the Temporary Student Council (TSC), appointed by UP Management in 2016, would continue to operate in place of the Student Representative Council (SRC). The appointment came after SRC elections in 2016 were not concluded due to protests. The TSC was appointed to temporarily carry out SRC duties in 2017 until the SRC’s reinstatement, which would occur after the elections set to take place in the second semester. UP faced a res crisis after members of political parties on campus rallied for students who were left without a place to stay.

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Students demand scrapping of application fee


Students at UP want the university to remove the R300 application fee from its application process.

The Pan Africanist Student Movement of Azania (PASMA) started an online petition to demand the scrapping of the application fee. In the petition, PASMA states: “In a country known for having the widest income inequality gap in the world, it is important that the university ensures that it is not adding financial obstacles which will prevent the poor from entering its gates. The application fee works to filter the diversity of students entering the university as the poorest who cannot afford such fees are left with no option but to apply to universities that do not charge such a fee.”

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UP Moot Society wins silver in the Netherlands


UP Moot Society members, Tinotenda Kakora and Thomas White, who are students at the Faculty of Law, won silver at the 2nd International Children's Rights Moot Court Competition held at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

This year, they were coached by Thandeka Makhoza, a 5th year BA Law student.

Leiden University describes the competition as “a three-day competition, consisting of two days of preliminary rounds, and the final round on the third day”. With the help and sponsorship of the Centre for Child Law in the Faculty of Law at UP, the team flew out to the Netherlands between 29 and 31 March.

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