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Campus News Bites 31 July 2017

Rivonia trialist exhibition at UP

Since 18 July, in commemoration of Mandela Day, UP’s Edoardo Villa Museum presented an exhibition honouring the Rivoina trialists. The exhibition, which is situated in the Old Merensky Library, was open to the public until the end of July. According to the UP website, twelve portraits of trialists – painted by artist Marie Vermeulen-Breedt – will be on display. Among these include portraits of Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki, Ahmed Kathrada, Raymond Mhlaba, Walter Sisulu and Dennis Goldberg.

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Anti-discrimination policy in the works


The Anti-Discrimination Policy Working Group (ADPWG), under the Department of University Relations, is inviting UP students and staff members to take part in forming a new anti-discrimination policy. Prof. Christof Heyns, Director of the Institute for International and Comparative Law in Africa at UP, and a professor in Human Rights Law, is leading the project.

Until the end of July, through an online survey which is accessible through the UP portal, students and staff members can anonymously share their experiences or knowledge of discrimination. Students and staff members who have not experienced discrimination, or believe that they do not know of it, are still encouraged to participate in the survey. This is done through suggesting or commenting on policies, procedures and possibilities.

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Zinnia and Olienhout announced victors at Serrie Prelims


On 20 July, STUKU announced the results from the Serrie Prelims on Facebook Live. Zinnia with their “Addiction” theme placed first for the ladies’ residences, and Olienhout found success with their “A Million Ways to Die in the West” theme. The results are based on the preliminary rounds, and were not judged by STUKU, who only facilitated the event.

For the ladies, Zinnia placed first, Curlitzia came second with their “Genie in the Lamp” theme, Erika came third with their “Joker” theme, Nerina came fourth with “Revenge Body” and Vividus Ladies came fifth as “Parish Pickpockets”. For the men, Olienhout came first, Mopanie came second with their “German” theme, “Retro Rugby” Olympus came third, Taaibos came fourth as “White Walkers” and Boekenhout placed fifth with their “Survival” theme.

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YASCOM gathers donations for needy students


The Young Alumni and Students Committee (YASCOM) at UP is running an initiative to gather donations for students in need.

Karabo Rankapole, YASCOM’s secretary, spoke to Perdeby about the initiative. According to Rankapole, the initiative was started as the number of students who cannot afford essentials such as books, stationery, food, clothes etc. grow each year. Rankapole said, “We take the donations to the people in charge of the SNAP-programme and they donate it to less fortunate students who have been identified or [have approached the SNAP-programme] to ask for those donations. We also take part in other societies' events that help other students.” The Student Nutrition and Progress Programme (SNAPP) is an initiative of UP’s Department of Student Affairs, which provides a daily meal to approximately 2 500 students.

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Campus News Bites 24 July 2017

UP chancellor re-elected

Prof. Lumkile Wiseman Nkuhlu has been unanimously re-elected as UP’s chancellor. The election took place on 28 June and was conducted by the University’s Electoral College. The appointment is for the next five years until 30 June 2022. Prof. Nkuhlu has served as UP’s chancellor for 11 years since his appointment in 2006. Prof. Nkuhlu has an MBA from the University of New York and in 1976 became South Africa’s first black chartered accountant.

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