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Students demand scrapping of application fee


Students at UP want the university to remove the R300 application fee from its application process.

The Pan Africanist Student Movement of Azania (PASMA) started an online petition to demand the scrapping of the application fee. In the petition, PASMA states: “In a country known for having the widest income inequality gap in the world, it is important that the university ensures that it is not adding financial obstacles which will prevent the poor from entering its gates. The application fee works to filter the diversity of students entering the university as the poorest who cannot afford such fees are left with no option but to apply to universities that do not charge such a fee.”

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Semester in review



The first semester of 2017 is coming to a close and a lot has happened around UP’s campuses. 2017 opened with the news that the Temporary Student Council (TSC), appointed by UP Management in 2016, would continue to operate in place of the Student Representative Council (SRC). The appointment came after SRC elections in 2016 were not concluded due to protests. The TSC was appointed to temporarily carry out SRC duties in 2017 until the SRC’s reinstatement, which would occur after the elections set to take place in the second semester. UP faced a res crisis after members of political parties on campus rallied for students who were left without a place to stay.

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Referendum for Constitution for Student Governance extended

The referendum for the review of the Constitution for Student Governance (CSG) has been extended until 19 May. According to an announcement at an activation workshop held in the Piazza on 11 May, Director of the Department of Student Affairs(DSA), Dr Matete Madiba said that the number of voters in the referendum stood at roughly 3 500. In an email sent to Perdeby, the number of voters at time of going to print stood at 3756.

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UP Moot Society wins silver in the Netherlands


UP Moot Society members, Tinotenda Kakora and Thomas White, who are students at the Faculty of Law, won silver at the 2nd International Children's Rights Moot Court Competition held at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

This year, they were coached by Thandeka Makhoza, a 5th year BA Law student.

Leiden University describes the competition as “a three-day competition, consisting of two days of preliminary rounds, and the final round on the third day”. With the help and sponsorship of the Centre for Child Law in the Faculty of Law at UP, the team flew out to the Netherlands between 29 and 31 March.

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Discussing rape: interview with student activists


On 2 May 2017, Perdeby sat down with two student activists, Caroline Letsoalo, a second-year LLB student, and Refiloe Mofokeng, a third-year BA Law student. The discussion that took place centred on rape, rape culture, consent, and activism.

What is rape?
Mofokeng: Well, to me, there is obviously the Wikipedia/dictionary definition, and it’s very valid, but to me rape is more of when the victim doesn’t know that she’s been raped, because oftentimes you find that a girl will get raped, but because she’s not informed on consent and what consent is she’s not aware of this and she’s not aware that she can say no at any point. There was also that entire thing on “stealthing” and what “stealthing” is, and that’s the removal of a condom during sexual intercourse. A lot of people aren’t aware that that’s rape, but that is rape.
Letsoalo: I think it’s any form of sexual intercourse where there’s no consent whatsoever. So, I would also just like to affirm with what she said: “stealthing”, where one consents for sex with a condom, and it’s not actually the case where the guy actually takes off the condom – you have been raped. Also, I think with society we are limiting rape to a very narrow expression and how it’s been interpreted, because men are also rape victims. So, for me, rape is the lack of consent in an act or performance of sexual intercourse.

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