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DASO UP wins 2017 SRC elections

This year’s SRC elections took place from 21 to 23 August. For the first time in its history, the elections were held online and students were able to vote for their preferred candidates through the VoteNet system. On 23 August, the official preliminary results for the elections were released. The results showed that DASO UP had an overwhelming majority win for all ten contested portfolios. Kwena Moloto, DASO UP’s presidential candidate won the presidential portfolio with 5044 votes, followed by the EFFSC-UP’s candidate Mamello Molotsi, who won the deputy-president portfolio with 2916 votes.

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UP Department of Consumer Science launches new food labs

On 17 August, the UP Consumer Science Department launched its new food labs that will cater for students within the department. Three food laboratories had undergone extensive upgrades in order to keep up with ever changing commercial trends. The refurbished facilities boast induction cooking as well as blast freezing upgrades. Similarly, a range of modern equipment is housed by the department courtesy of the Culinary Equipment Company. The upgrades will help the department in keeping up with modern day training and research needs. The department states that, “The labs have been designed to be trendy, ergonomic and user friendly, with industrial equipment and services.” 

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Dregeana, the new Vividus Men


As of 15 August Vividus Men will now be known as Dregeana. The day house, first started in 2003 and eventually split into male and female day houses in 2006, announced the outcome of their rebranding campaign at their end year function. According to the 2017/2018 Dregeana Chairperson, Arend Kahlau, there were several reasons behind the rebranding campaign. “The previous executive committee spoke extensively about this for a while, there was a perception from the outside that we are mostly a white Afrikaans male day house,” said Kahlau. “Internally, this perception has changed a lot and we have made a lot of progress towards transformation,” he added.

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Becoming a work-ready graduate through UP initiatives


UP is trying to produce ‘work-ready’ students through the Career Services Unit. Career Services aims to provide advice and assistance to UP students and graduates in preparation for their careers. The Career Services Unit attempts to achieve this through online courses, assistance with CVs, cover or motivational letters, advice on career planning, psychometric assessment preparation, job searches, job applications, preparation for interviews and work readiness workshops. The unit also ensures that students are exposed to work experience through student hire, which enables students to acquire basic soft skills.

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Erika and Olympus victorious at UP A Capella

On Saturday 12 August Erika and Olympus were crowned the winners of UP A Capella at the Musaion after the eight finalists gave their final performances. UP A Capella is an annual singing competition, formally known as Serenade, between the residences of the University of Pretoria. The prelims took place from 7 to 9 August. To ensure that UP A Capella is judged fairly and is free of bias, all residences performed under assigned house numbers.

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