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UP’s annual RAG procession to be held this weekend


The University of Pretoria is set to hold its annual RAG procession on Saturday 31 January 2015. This event is open to both students and the general public, who are encouraged to witness first-hand how the students from the different residences and day-houses partake in and demonstrate the traditions that are held dear by the institutions they are representing.

This event will be held at the LC de Villiers Sports Campus, and will take place from 08:00-18:00. The focal point of the event will be the floats built by the students. These floats are built according to a theme selected by the respective residence or day-house. The LC de Villiers grounds will be the staging grounds where the floats will be paraded and judged. The floats will then be recycled and used for other purposes after the event.

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Living at Tuks: know your residences


Being a res student enables you to engage in the fun-filled activities that form a huge part of Tuks culture. There are twenty-two residences for full time students. Residence students can participate in activities on behalf of their res.

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Student Support Services at Tuks


Adjusting to university life at first-year level is often a daunting challenge, especially with assignments that need to be completed and semester tests that need to be studied for each week (not to mention the non-academic stresses involved when adjusting to university life as a first-year student). Luckily, Tuks has many organisations on campus to help students cope with the stress of university life.

One of the first issues you may have to deal with as a new student at Tuks is finding out exactly where everything is. Campus is a very big place with many buildings that all seem to look the same at first glance. Even if you have a map showing you exactly where to go, it won’t necessarily help you if you don’t know where you should go. Thus, in order to make the transition just a little bit easier, Perdeby has compiled a guide to some of the important buildings on campus and some of the services they offer.

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Kollege celebrates their centenary


Brief history of Kollege 
Kollege is the oldest residence at Tuks and they are celebrating their centenary this year. The first building where Kollege students resided was in “Ou Kollege”, which can be seen next to the Aula grass. Kollege got its name from being referred to as “the hostel at the College”.

Kollege moved to its current location on the LC de Villiers campus in 1960. In 1982 it officially became a Republic due to outsiders wanting to “reject [the] unique culture of Kollegetehuis”, says 2015 state president Greg Lavagna.

Kollege has contributed to several elements of Tuks culture, including the university anthem, the university’s coat of arms, the Tuks rugby jersey, the term ienk (Inwondende Eerste-jaar Nie Kollegeman), the university mascot Oom Gert, the creation of Rag and serrie, and even Perdeby.

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Get to know your Student Representative Council


The Tuks Student Representative Council (SRC) serves as the link between the students and the university management. It works toward ensuring that student rights are not infringed upon. The SRC acts as the student voice and addresses various student issues such as financial exclusion, academic exclusion and transformation.

Tumelo “Duke” Rasebopye, who is responsible for the marketing, media and communications portfolio, says, “The 2015 SRC seeks to take note of the general issues that the students of the University of Pretoria are themselves challenged by. In doing this, our aim is to identify and isolate key areas that have a significant impact on matters of student success and ensure that we prioritise these issues by channelling as many resources as we possibly can to alleviate these burdens from students.” Rasebopye further said that, “With the challenges anticipated in 2015, the SRC seeks to commit itself in aiding students in realising their full academic potential.”

The SRC offices are situated in the Roosemaryn Building where all students are welcome to seek assistance.

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