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Rag procession 2015: an overview


On 31 January the annual Rag procession took place at the LC de Villiers sports campus. The procession began at 10:45 with the Vice Chancellor, Professor Cheryl de la Ray welcoming everyone. She reminded students that Rag is “fun with a purpose...the purpose is to give to our local communities”. This year’s theme was festivals around the world. A variety of festivals were chosen.

Taaibos and Curtlitzia’s theme was the Day of the Dead. This float was darker than the others but the idea was to celebrate life through death. Lilium and Olienhout’s float was a Viking ship that represented the Festivals of Flames. This float’s theme was not obvious but it was different.  Vividus Ladies and Luminous chose the Carnival of Venice.  Cisk Marxo, Vividus Ladies’ Rag HK, told Perdeby that they chose something that was colourful and fun.   Boekenhout and Asterhof’s theme was Woodstock. This float was also vibrant.

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Rag 2015: the afterparty aftermath


After a warm morning of trudging in the sun during this year’s Rag procession, most students and procession spectators scattered to various locations to relax after a long week of blommetjies vou, welding and painting.

One such location was the official TuksRag afterparty, however the turnout at the event was less than ideal for the majority of the afternoon.

Performers that were scheduled to entertain partygoers at the event were Glen, The Josh, DJ Superman, Euphonik and DJ Fresh. In spite of a good line-up, the lack of bands performing at the event left many students dissatisfied.

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Student response to new TuksRes accommodation


TuksRes has not renewed their lease agreement for 2015 with Urban Nest. Instead, students who stayed there last year have been moved to the newly constructed Hatfield Studios.

Pumla Mandiwana, an honours student in internal auditing, told Perdeby that they weren’t told the reasons for the move. Gavin Muller, a director of parent company Respublica, confirmed that Tuks did not give any formal reasons why the lease with Urban Nest was not renewed. Muller said that Tuks only told Urban Nest of their desire to consolidate its students into a larger building in Hatfield.

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SRC gives State of UP address


The SRC held the inaugural state of UP address in the Piazza on Wednesday 28 February. They decided that they would hold these addresses to talk to the students regarding issues that the SRC are working on. The first address was aimed at introducing the SRC to the students and explaining where they stand on certain issues as well as their planned approach to these issues. They also mentioned a few things that are coming up and what they plan to do.

Adrian Eckard, SRC secretary, opened the address by listing several challenges that the SRC will face during 2015, of which the establishment of a channel for students to voice their problems was one. Eckard encouraged students to stand together and fight the bureaucracy of the university.

Eckard’s opening was followed by the address of SRC president Mosibudi Rasethaba who insisted that there needs to be social and institutional change at Tuks. He reminded students that the SRC are only as powerful as the students allow them to be.

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The Centre for the Study of Aids changes its name


As of 2015 the Centre for the Study of Aids (CSA) has a new name. The organisation will now be referred to as the Centre for Sexualities, Aids and Gender (CSA & G).

Mr Pierre Brouard, the co-director of the CSA & G, listed three main reasons for the name change. Firstly, to align it with the work the centre currently does, stating: “Aids work has always been about sexuality and gender.” It was also indicated that the name change would be the first step in integrating all the work done on sexualities and gender and the relationship these concepts have to HIV and Aids.

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