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Nehawu strike at UP ends

On 30 May, UP and Nehawu reached an agreement that brought an end to Nehawu’s strike action that lasted almost two weeks.

Workers of the National Health Education and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) started protesting on 19 May for an increase in wages, a thirteenth cheque and the option to choose a different medical aid other than the one used by UP. Since the start of protests, various entrances to UP’s main campus have been closed off and, on 26 May, striking workers set animal feed on fire on the Onderstepoort Veterinary campus.

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Fifth annual Robot Race Day

On 26 May, the fifth EECE Race Day took place on Hatfield campus. Race Day gives electrical, electronic and computer engineering students a chance to showcase their practical skills in a competition in which students must design, construct and test an autonomous, line-following robot vehicle.  

The race consists of groups with a maximum of four members per group. This year solo racer 21-year-old Petri Oosthuizen won the race in a respectable time of 11.29 seconds. Oosthuizen also won the Lone Ranger prize for the fastest solo entry and the prize for the car that most accurately following the line.

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Mass meeting at UP


On 18 May, the Temporary Student Committee (TSC) hosted a mass meeting at the Piazza on UP’s Hatfield campus to address student grievances. The gathering was the result of various student bodies and political organisations coming together to petition for the TSC to engage with students. Together, they are known as the UP Student Commission.
Thabo Shingange, the TSC’s deputy chairperson, opened the meeting. In light of the national crisis of female sexual assault, particularly that of the black woman, he stressed his disapproval of UP’s sexual harassment policy. Calling it “flawed and problematic”, he said that those who are offended by those speaking out against issues such as hyper-masculinity and rape are the “very beneficiaries of patriarchy” at the institution.

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Nehawu protestors cause fire at Onderstepoort campus

On 26 May, a group of protestors set fire to animal feed at the Onderstepoort Veterinary campus.

In an email sent to Onderstepoort students, Professor Dietmar Holm, deputy Dean for teaching and learning in the Faculty of Veterinary Science, reassured students that the animals on campus were safe. In the email Prof. Holm said, “All fires have been stopped, [the] animals are safe, and [the] animals are being fed and watered.” Prof. Holm told Perdeby that around 50 workers were part of the group that started small fires across the campus. Prof. Holm added that no estimates of damages have been made thus far.

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Women protest against rape at UP


On 16 May, approximately 100 female students protested on UP’s Hatfield campus. The protest was part of a campaign called “UP safety is a lie”.

Perdeby spoke to some of the protestors, who preferred to be identified as “All women on campus”. They said, “We decided to come together because we are tired of this institution (UP) not protecting us and not protecting our interests. We are unsafe in this space. Women are getting raped, women are getting sexually violated in their own residences.”

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