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Fees Must Fall protests: UP reconsiders registrations


UP management has informed several students involved in the Fees Must Fall movement and protests, particularly those with criminal proceedings against them, that they will have to provide sufficient reasons to UP as to why they should be allowed to register for the 2017 academic year. Students from the Fees Must Fall movement received emails in the first two weeks of January notifying them that their registration at UP is being reconsidered.

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Service providers at UP


UP provides structures that entertain students and inform them about campus related news and activities. These student structures also offer students with opportunities to develop skills while serving the student community.


Perdeby is the official student newspaper of the university. Founded in 1939, Perdeby has become one of the leading student publications in South Africa. Approximately 10 000 hard copies of the newspaper are printed weekly and distributed on UP’s Hatfield campus. Perdeby’s website features all of the articles that appear in the newspaper as well as exclusive interviews and articles. The hard copy of the newspaper is also available online with approximately 25 000 readers a month. Perdeby can be contacted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or on Twitter @perdebynews

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Student political societies at UP


The University of Pretoria has a variety of political societies for students to take part in.

Afriforum Youth

Afriforum is a civil rights organisation that describes itself as “an inclusive, Christian Afrikaans organisation” that stands up for what they believe in. Jaco Grobbelaar, Afriforum Youth Tuks Coordinator, said: “our mission and vision is to protect the rights and interests of our members on campus [...] We started with around 300 members at the beginning of [2016] and now we have over 1000 members at Tuks. Everyone is welcome to come join us if they agree and can associate themselves with what we are doing.”

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Hangouts in and around Hatfield campus


Socialising is an integral part of university life. Luckily, there are several venues on and off campus where people can relax with their friends.

On the Hatfield campus, the popular Tribeca restaurant located underneath the Aula is a great place for students to take a break between classes. Tribeca is famous at UP for its coffee and provides a nice atmosphere for students to socialise. Also located under the Aula is UP’s Steers branch. It provides space for students to work or socialise while waiting for their food.

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Getting around at UP


UP busses

There are free busses available for all UP students, all you need is a valid student card. Busses are designated according to campus, making it easier for students to get to their destinations. The residences busses are divided between four different stops: Groenkloof campus, Prinshof campus, men’s residence and TuksNaledi residence. There are also busses that transport students to Mamelodi campus, Prinshof campus and also between Sunnyside and the Hatfield campus. Time schedules for all the bus routes are available on the UP website.

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