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CAAC creates awareness for disabilities


On 1 September, the Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (CAAC) hosted a disability awareness event at the Piazza on the Hatfield campus. The event focused on people who cannot speak or have limited speech, and thus rely on technology to communicate.

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Campus News Bites 11 September 2017

UP’s Aula Lawn to be temporarily closed

The Aula Lawn on UP’s Hatfield campus will be closed temporarily for restoration and treatment, which is done annually at the beginning of Spring. The lawn will be closed from 4 September until 29 September

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Campus News Bites 28 August 2017

South Campus Halaal Kiosk temporarily closed

UP’s Department of Facilities Management released a statement announcing that “due to unforeseen family circumstances, Mr Moosa’s South Campus Kiosk and the mobile kiosk in front of the Merensky Library, which sells Halaal food, will be closed until 13 September 2017”.

While a mobile unit will be made available on South Campus from 28 August 2017 to 13 September, no Halaal food will be available for sale during this time.

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Anti-Discrimination Week overview


In light of drafting a new anti-discrimination policy, UP ran an Anti-Discrimination Week from 28 August to 1 September across all UP campuses.

UP’s Anti-Discriminationwebpage says the drafting of a new anti-discrimination policy was meant to “prevent discrimination in all its forms on all its campuses”. It adds that it seeks to “establish a community with a culture that is inclusive and affirming to all its members”.

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State of the art centre – Javett-UP


On 11 August the Javett-UP, a new state of the art centre currently under construction on UP’s Hatfield and South Campus, began to change the landscape of Pretoria with the addition of a bridge over Lynnwood Road. The Javett-UP project, is one of the largest art construction projects aimed at promoting arts and culture heritage in South Africa.

Starting on the morning of 11 August, seven beams each over 33m long and weighing 71 tons were placed on four tiers. The process, which took 26 hours to complete, resulted in a 34m long and 20m wide bridge over Lynnwood Road that will house a gallery. Two 300 ton mobile hydraulic cranes were needed to lift and position the beams in place.

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