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African philosophy to be introduced into UP syllabus


The last few weeks have been highlighted by numerous discussions on the issue of transformation at UP. On 15 May a seminar discussing the introduction of an African philosophy syllabus to the philosophy department was held.


In this seminar, experts in the field of philosophy were invited to discuss how African philosophy can be introduced as a module or be integrated on equal footing in the current philosophy modules. The acting head of the Department of Philosophy, Prof. Etienne de Villiers, agrees that the introduction of African philosophy is a movement towards transformation in the institution.

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#WhosMyPresident: Rassie answers Twitter’s questions


There has recently been discontent with SRC presidents at various universities around the country. In light of this, last week a hashtag called #WhosMyPresident began on Twitter. This hashtag referred to University of Pretoria SRC president Mosibudi “Rassie” Rasethaba and was accompanied by many questions which tweeters directed at Rasethaba.


Perdeby took some of the questions that were asked on Twitter and posed them to Rasethaba directly. The questions focused on issues regarding the SRC as well as Rasethaba, with many drawing attention to the fact that the photos and portfolios of the new SRC have not yet been updated on their website. In response to this, Rasethaba said, “The SRC member responsible for the updating of the website (Tumelo Duke Rasebopye) only received the website training just over two weeks ago, which allowed him access to the site for updating and the editing of the site.” He further said, “The upgrading of the website is most at fault for the delays in updating the SRC’s page. Firstly, during the upgrading process there was a lengthy period when no one had access to their web pages. Secondly, the upgrade period extended into the current year and term of the SRC, resulting in a delay in the training of all those who were to receive access and training to navigate their pages.”

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UP societies registration woes


On 12 May the Societies at Tuks Facebook page posted a statement saying that “all emails have been sent out between 20 and 22 April regarding the registration for societies.” This comes after 21 societies were denied registration for 2015. Berto Schoeman, chairperson of the Society for Current Global Affairs, who were also denied registration, claimed that this was untrue as he had not received any communication.


“We had to repeatedly go to Roosmaryn and ask for the email to be sent out and only after a week of complaining and finally asking her [Fundiswa Sizani, the administrative officer of the SRC] to send the email out in front of us did we manage to get it,” says Schoeman’s comment on the Societies at Tuks Facebook post. This comment was backed up by Jenna Fulcher, secretary of the Wine Tasting Society, who found out that the Wine Tasting Society had been denied re-registration through the article “No use crying over spilt wine” published in the last edition of Perdeby.

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Afriforum and Daso lay complaint against Sasco and Rassie


Following the recent #TuksSoWhite Twitter campaign by Sasco, Afriforum have lain a complaint against Sasco and University of Pretoria SRC President Mosibudi “Rassie” Rasethaba.


The complaint was delivered to university management along with a list of demands, asking them to take steps to address the issue. Their demands were: that organisations like Sasco, the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) and the Anti-Racism Forum’s (ARF) policies are urgently investigated, that action needs to be taken against the organisations involved, specifically Sasco and the ARF over their comments in the matter of #TuksSoWhite, that an investigation is made into the involvement of the SRC and specifically Rasethaba and his support of the #TuksSoWhite campaign, and that the SRC must also make a public apology.

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Considering community engagement and student needs


Students have recently raised the issue of student apathy on campus. An open discussion about student needs and community engagement on campus was hosted by TuksRag and TuksLaw Legal Shebeen. The discussion took place on 8 May at 17:00 and was held in the SRC chambers. The discussion was centred on three presentations which took place.

In the discussion, TuksLaw Legal Shebeen facilitated a platform for discussion revolving around socially pressing topics and applying a legally relevant perspective on them.

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