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Law House hosts disability seminar

Law House hosts disability seminar


On 3 September the 2015/2016 Law House executive committee hosted a disabilities seminar. The seminar, which took place one day prior to Law House’s “Suit Up” themed Casual Day, was aimed at raising awareness about people with disabilities.

The event was opened by Thulile Khumalo, the outreach executive for Law House, who informed people about Law House, explained the purpose of the seminar and encouraged students to buy stickers for Casual Day. After the introduction, Thabang Manamela, a first-year BA Law student with a visual disability, was given the opportunity to speak. Manamela spoke about the positive impact that the money which is raised by Casual Day has on people with disabilities. He spoke of how the money not only helps disabled students attending university, but also disabled students “who do not have the option to go to university”. He emphasised how the money that is raised by Casual Day is used to help disabled people who do not attend university to “maintain their livelihood”, by pointing out how the money is used to buy wheelchairs, equipment for disabled people, and also to ensure that caregivers are available to care for the disabled.

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SRC preliminary results

SRC preliminary results


On 1 September the University of Pretoria held elections for the new SRC. The preliminary results were released on 2 September and are as follows (Note that these results are not final and are yet to be confirmed by the IMB):


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Afriforum organises self-defence classes for Women’s Month


Afriforum hosted two self-defence classes which were open to all female students at UP on 17 and 19 August. The classes took place at Huis Voortrekker from 19:00 to 20:30. Rochelle Oosthuyse, a member of Afriforum’s national youth board, organised the event. Oosthuyse chose to organise the self-defence classes “after seeing some statistics of women being raped and murdered around the University”. Ian Cameron, Afriforum’s head of safety and security, together with the police, researched the number of cases of abuse reported by women at three police stations in close proximity to UP. The research showed that between April 2014 and January 2015, there were 1534 reported cases of common assault and 128 cases of rape or attempted rape. Oosthuyse went on to say that, “Women need to know how to protect themselves. It’s a universal problem, not just a problem for our members.

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EFFSC-UP intimidation reigns after student forum meeting


Following the collapse of the third quarterly Student Forum meeting on Thursday 27 August in the Louw hall, altercations broke out between several groups present in the venue, which led to members of the EFFSC-UP intimidating and assaulting a photographer for Perdeby and two members of Afriforum.

Perdeby photographer Mothusi Mosibi was present at the forum meeting and recorded footage throughout the meeting. When members of the floor started creating a commotion, Mosibi moved to the back of the venue to take footage of the members of the floor as well as the panel and SRC speakers. As he could not get adequate footage of the members of the floor creating a commotion, he asked a friend of his, Bradley Duck, to take footage on his phone on behalf of Perdeby. Many of these rowdy individuals were wearing EFF regalia.

Duck explains that, “I recorded for about a minute or so, and then one of the guys noticed and they [EFFSC-UP] started shouting that I mustn’t record.” One of the members came to Duck and told him that he would take his phone and break it if he didn’t stop recording. An end was called to the meeting and as Duck stood up to leave a group formed around him. “They were shouting and screaming that I must take out my phone and show them that I am deleting the footage,” said Duck. Mosibi advised Duck to leave but EFFSC-UP members grabbed and held Duck. SRC president Mosibudi “Rassie” Rasethaba then stepped in and helped Duck out of the venue, where the footage was deleted. Afriforum members noticed that EFFSCUP members were intimidating and assaulting Duck. A female member of Afriforum* took out her phone to record the EFFSC-UP assault. Marthinus Jacobs of Afriforum started walking towards Duck to help him, however some of the members of EFFSC-UP started moving toward the female Afriforum member who was busy filming, and he returned to aid her. 

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Third Student Forum meeting dissolved


The third quarterly Student Forum meeting took place on the evening of 27 August. The Student Forum meeting was again dissolved due to disruptions. The disruptions occurred toward the end of the Student Forum. Prior to this, however, the Forum was conducted in an orderly manner. The first agenda point presented was SRC president Mosibudi “Rassie” Rasethaba’s quarterly report. Rasethaba began his report by updating attendees on the DSA humanitarian loan that was pledged to students in financial need in May this year. He said that the original amount of R20 000 that was intended for living allowances was overturned and increased to R35 000 as the financial need demanded more funds. Rasethaba also explained that a committee consisting of SRC deputy president Luvuyo Menziwa, the DSA and the finance office was set up to manage and distribute the loan. The procedure experienced growing pains and Rasethaba suggested that clearer guidelines and points of procedure be set up for the future. He also suggested that the SRC raise additional funds to supplement the financial aid amount. Rasethaba then moved on to the Sunnyside/ Arcadia bus service that the SRC put in place over the June exam period. He said that the service was successful and that the bus service will resume in the week of 31 August. The service will run three times a night for UP students. However, Rasethaba added that the current support was not sustainable and that arrangements need to be made to ensure the service continues. He said that talks with UP Facilities Management and private property owners in Sunnyside/Arcadia were ongoing and he hoped that they would be able to partner with them to ensure the service becomes permanent.

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