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Yascom introduce Give-what-you-can initiative


The Young Alumni and Student Committee (Yascom) UP is hosting an initiative on 8 September in the Piazza called Give-whatyou-can. The event serves as a fundraising initiative to assist UP students who are in desperate need of items such as food and toiletries. Everything that is collected will go toward the Student Feeding Scheme.

According to Yascom, a hungry student cannot perform academically and will not be able to compete for bursaries. Yascom’s motto is that charity begins at home, so instead of trying to find charitable causes outside of the university, Yascom advocates the idea of paying it forward within UP. Yascom is an apolitical committee and consists of former and current student leaders from various student structures at UP. Yascom functions under the umbrella of the Alumni Relations Office in the Department of University Relations.

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Hatfield Square rests in pieces

Hatfield Square rests in pieces

Hatfield Square to rest in pieces

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Demolition of one of UP students’ favourite drinking spots began at the beginning of August.

Hatfield Square has been the party venue of UP students for many years. The systematic closing down of the Square began last year, with bars and clubs in and around Square shutting their doors one after the other as their lease contracts expired. Only a few places remained open at the beginning of this year.


In 2014 Perdeby published an article about the closing down of Square. At the time, COO of Hatfield City Improvement District Danie Basson stated that, “There is a huge demand for residence in the Hatfield area and the decision taken by the owners of Hatfield Square was aimed purely at providing accommodation in the area.” Since then all the contracts of the contract holders in Hatfield Square have expired and they have all closed down.

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Albie Sachs plays a part in the Law faculty festival

Albie Sachs plays a part in the Law faculty festival


Former Constitutional Court Justice Albert “Albie” Sachs led the annual mini-March of the Clowns and screened his film Soft vengeance of a freedom fighter at the University of Pretoria on 12 August as part of the Law faculty festival. The march was organised by the Department of Jurisprudence, in association the Tshwane Leadership Foundation and the African Union Students Alliance (AUSA). The theme of this year’s march was “Lost in transformation … and a child shall lead us”.

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SRC electronic voting a no-go for 2015 students

SRC electronic voting a no-go for 2015 students


With election season in full swing, the planned roll-out of an e-voting system has been brought to a halt. Alwyn Dippenaar, secretary for the Deputy Director of Student Affairs, confirmed that the implementation of the e-voting system has been postponed until next year.

The e-voting system is not completely new to UP as it has been used by some of the residences for their HK elections. Leon Botha, Maroela’s chairman, explained his experience of the system: “It is easy to operate, as well as foolproof with regards to privacy. There is no chance of tampering with results.” Botha went on to say that, “There is no better way to vote.”

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Transformation talk series continues at UP

Transformation talk series continues at UP

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The Faculty of Humanities transformation committee hosted a transformation talk on 13 August 2015 at UP. The talk was attended by students and lecturers from various departments. Several issues surrounding transformation were discussed, focusing on the topic of, “Is university transformation the assimilation of blacks into an already established set of white patriarchal capitalist traditions?”

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