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EFFSC plans to “decolonise” UP

EFFSC plans to “decolonise” UP


On Friday 11 September the Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command (EFFSC) held a conference centred on “decolonising” the university. The event was attended by roughly 40 people, including leaders from the Law House and preliminary SRC president Kwena Moloto. The evening kicked off with a celebratory EFF song led by Naledi Chirwa, the  transformation officer of the EFF.

After this, Chirwa addressed the attendees with a speech that was largely focused on transformation. She highlighted that it is her belief that “black bodies” are constantly alienated from and in universities by various means such as financial processes, language barriers and curricula that function in a capitalist society. Chirwa stated that these issues were set up by the creators of institutions, such as universities, to keep black students out of the system. She also pointed out that the EFFSC plans to break down the whole university system and rebuild it in such a manner that it includes African ideals and traditions.

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SRC suspend 2015 Spring Day event


The SRC has decided not to host a Spring Day event this year. The event has been suspended pending a student review. Tumelo “Duke” Rasebopye, SRC head of marketing, media and communication, was in charge of the committee responsible for the event.

Rasebopye explained that the “SRC took this decision based on the costs involved in actually putting together Spring Day and the lack of turnout”. Linked to the cost concern is the university’s decision not to allow the general public to attend the event. The reason that the university gave the SRC was that if something goes wrong, it is easier for the university to apply disciplinary measures through which students can be dealt with, but the same cannot be done for the general public.

The problem is that it is harder for the SRC to break even without the general public attending, given the costs involved in hosting such an event. Rasebopye gave a rough idea of how much an event like Spring Day costs. He said, “The whole operation can take up to R200 000, and when we get to that R200 000 all we have done is set up the framework for the party to happen, but we don’t necessarily have people to fill in and make the party happen.”

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Yascom Give-what-you-can Campaign a success


The Young Alumni and Student Committee (Yascom) Give-what-you-can Campaign hosted an event during the lunch hour on 8 September in the piazza. This was the first big event that Yascom hosted this year. Willing students and staff members were asked to make donations that go toward assisting students in need at the university.

The event began with a brief introduction of what Yascom is about as an organisation. Some members of the 2015 SRC were present and the music attracted a crowd of students.

Students and staff members arrived in numbers to make their donations. The donations included canned food, toiletries, groceries and money. There was also a photo booth, with the money generated from the photo booth going toward buying more groceries for students in need and to the Pledge a Pad organisation.

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SRC election update

SRC election update


Following the SRC elections on 1 September and subsequent protests contesting the election results, the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) met with concerned parties and has called for a recount and full audit. 

Prof. Themba Mosia, vice-principal of student affairs and residences, stated in a media release, “In terms of its constitutional mandate, the IMB has found that a full recount of the SRC election votes must take place in the presence of staff from the Department of Student Affairs (DSA), the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), candidates or party representatives, and the internal auditor authorised to complete the audit.” Prof. Mosia emphasised that the IMB has not yet made a decision on whether or not the elections were free and fair.

Along with the media release from Prof. Mosia, Dr Willem Jorissen, deputy director of the DSA, explained the procedure that the IMB will be following: “In terms of the scope letter for the audit, KPMG had to recount a random sample of ten candidates across portfolios. In its report, the auditors listed a scope limitation. The end result is that a constitutionally mandated procedure was not performed. To remove this defect, a full audit as set out in the scope letter and in the audit report’s final paragraph on page 11 must therefore first be performed before the IMB can be called upon to make a ruling on whether the elections were free and fair.” He further explained that, “In deciding whether the elections were free and fair, the IMB will have regard to the initial preliminary vote count and the vote count obtained in the full audit.”

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Review of the 2015 SRC

Review of the 2015 SRC


As the SRC of 2015 come closer to the end of their term, Perdeby interviewed Mosibudi “Rassie” Rasethaba, SRC president, about his term and what the SRC of 2015 was able to achieve.

At the start of Rasethaba’s term as SRC president, he identified three portfolios that he aspired to work with. These portfolios were safety and security, study finance, and transformation. Rasethaba explained how he worked with each of these portfolios.

Concerning safety and security, Rasethaba mentioned one of the things he did was to be “part of the team that has been driving to have a permanent bus to Sunnyside, which will hopefully not be an issue by next year”.

Rasethaba went on to explain how he “was heavily involved in the assistance of individual students, especially in the beginning of the year, to access funding through different mechanisms”. Rasethaba admitted that he did not work as much as he would have liked to with the transformation portfolio. However, he did say that he was “part of transformation talks, both on campus and off campus”.

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