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Talk of textured pathways


The introduction of textured pathways to the Hatfield campus is an initiative that began last year and is currently being drafted into a proposal for Prof. Susan Adendorff, the director of facilities management.

The SRC member with the Transformation and Student Success portfolio Jhua-nine Wyrley-Birch and the member with the Safety and Security portfolio Sibahle Sgwane are working on the textured pathways initiative together with Mandla Ntimane, a third-year town and regional planning student. The idea behind textured pathways “is to give blind students the chance to move around freely on campus without having to worry”, explained Wyrley- Birch. Wyrley-Birch confirmed that this project “is definitely going to happen this year”.

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Israeli Apartheid Week at Tuks


Sasco, in collaboration with the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and EFF Tuks, hosted a series of events throughout the Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) of 2-8 March. These events were hosted to raise awareness for human rights issues whereby the non-Jewish indigenous population of Palestine are allegedly oppressed and segregated by Israel.

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Student forum follow-up


After the subcouncil meeting on 12 February during which the new Student Forum was elected, Daso lodged a complaint with the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) as they were unhappy with the election process. Sean Janse, secretary of Daso, explained that Daso felt that “there was a lot of ambiguity behind the voting process.” SRC representative for societies Michelle Kruger confirmed that this matter has been handled internally. Kruger told Perdeby that it was “decided that exactly the same procedures were followed as last year. Nothing in [our] constitution prohibits me from conducting the voting in the way I did.”

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Wine Tasting Society opens for 2015


UP’s Wine Tasting Society officially opened its doors for 2015 at the Law kiosk on Thursday 12 March. Any student interested in joining could sign up at a small cost of R5 for bottomless wine.

The Wine Tasting Society aims to host at least two tastings a month on campus, where professionals from prestigious vineyards in the Western Cape share their knowledge with members of the society while they enjoy tasting the different selections of wine.

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Student misconduct: what you need to know


Each institution has its set of rules as to how things should be done. Some people obey these rules, while others break them by accident or with malicious intent. UP is no different and student misconduct is a serious matter at the university. In the first two weeks of 2015 the Registrar processed 78 cases of student misconduct. Perdeby took a look at the most common occurrences of student misconduct and the procedures which are followed should they occur.

The most common form of misconduct at UP is academic dishonesty. Deputy-director of the Student Disciplinary Advisory Panel (SDAP) Stephen Buabeng-Baidoo explained that this encompasses cheating in exams or tests, plagiarism, attempting to write a test without presenting identification or even writing a test for another person. According to Buabeng-Baidoo, cheating occurs mostly during the first set of semester tests, during engineering weeks and closer to the final examinations. Buabeng-Baidoo says most cases of plagiarism occur in postgraduate students who are in the process of submitting research proposals and theses. “These are all very small things but they play a big role,” he explains.

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