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The UP Student Portal


The student portal is an online gateway where UP students can log into the university network to access important information regarding their courses and other facilities within the university.

The portal is a method of communication between the university and the students and provides all necessary information regarding academics and other factors surrounding academics.

In order to access the portal, students need to use either Google Chrome or internet explorer to reach the UP portal login page.

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SRC calls for mandate from students at mass meeting

On 27 October, the SRC called a mass meeting at the amphitheatre of the Hatfield campus to discuss UP’s proposed fee increments. On 23 October, the SRC posted on Facebook that they had had a meeting with UP management to discuss UP’s proposed 8% increase in tuition fees as well as the 9.3% increase in residence fees and the 9.8% increase of residence food. The meeting was attended by approximately 350 students.

The meeting began with students singing, dancing and chanting in the amphitheatre. SRC President, Kwena Moloto, then addressed the crowd and thanked them for attending. Before the matter of fees could be discussed, a student asked for the removal of Kyle Goosen, the SRC representative for Marketing Media and Communications. Goosen is facing an internal disciplinary for calling Moloto a N***er. Moloto tried to steer the discussion back to the issue of fee increments at the university.

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CSA&G senior staff member faces sexual harassment charges


On 16 October a group of students and volunteers at the Centre for Sexualities, Aids and Gender (CSA&G) held a demonstration against a senior staff member who has been accused of harassing, manipulating and intimidating volunteers and staff members of the centre in order to solicit sexual favours.

The silent protest was intended to represent the perceived silencing of the persons who brought claims forward against the accused senior staff member.

The senior staff member is facing allegations that include harassing and manipulating students for sexual favours, threatening student volunteers and staff members for informing volunteers that he is married, offering student volunteers jobs and promising them international trips to solicit sexual favours, spreading rumours about student volunteers who reject his offers and making arrangements to fire them from the Centre, among other things. During the demonstration, the demonstrators held placards that represented a timeline of events from the time the matter was reported to the Centre’s management.

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UP’s 2018 proposed fees increase


On 23 October, UP’s SRC released a statement highlighting UP’s proposed fee increments for 2018.

The statement mentions that the SRC held a meeting with UP executive management on 19 October to discuss 2018 tuition fees where executive management highlighted several points. Firstly, “an 8% increase in tuition fees for 2018 would be needed for UP to break even at the end of the fiscal year”. Secondly, “a 9.3% increase in residence fees and a 9.8% increase of residence meal prices would be needed at TuksRes”.

The SRC stressed that the numbers were not binding and would be confirmed or rebutted at a later stage. The statement mentioned that further engagements between the SRC and management were scheduled, “leading up to the Council sitting on 1st of November 2017”.

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SRC member apologises for using a racial slur


Kyle Goosen, SRC representative for Marketing Media and Communications is facing an internal disciplinary hearing for calling SRC president Kwena Moloto N***er.

On 18 October, Goosen took to Facebook to explain the circumstances behind his use of the slur. According to Goosen, on 15 September, the night before a Department of Student Affairs camp, a team building event took place for SRC members.

Over the course of the evening, the team instructor conducted an activity where the group members had to greet one another “in stereotypical ways of different nationalities, [for example] an English gentleman, an Irish man, a lumber jack and an American gangster”. In the Facebook post Goosen writes that, “The way in which he [the instructor] pulled his pants down and enacted [sic] his way of what he believed American gangsters act like.”

It was at this point that Goosen and his group were greeting each other in American accents, that he said to Moloto, “what’s up my ni**a.”

Goosen claims that he did not think about what he had said and “did not [intend] this word as derogatory or relating to race”.

He stated that when Moloto spoke to him about the use of the word, he apologised to him “for not being mindful of the severity [sic] such a word has”.

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