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Referendum for Constitution for Student Governance extended

The referendum for the review of the Constitution for Student Governance (CSG) has been extended until 19 May. According to an announcement at an activation workshop held in the Piazza on 11 May, Director of the Department of Student Affairs(DSA), Dr Matete Madiba said that the number of voters in the referendum stood at roughly 3 500. In an email sent to Perdeby, the number of voters at time of going to print stood at 3756.

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Discussing rape: interview with student activists


On 2 May 2017, Perdeby sat down with two student activists, Caroline Letsoalo, a second-year LLB student, and Refiloe Mofokeng, a third-year BA Law student. The discussion that took place centred on rape, rape culture, consent, and activism.

What is rape?
Mofokeng: Well, to me, there is obviously the Wikipedia/dictionary definition, and it’s very valid, but to me rape is more of when the victim doesn’t know that she’s been raped, because oftentimes you find that a girl will get raped, but because she’s not informed on consent and what consent is she’s not aware of this and she’s not aware that she can say no at any point. There was also that entire thing on “stealthing” and what “stealthing” is, and that’s the removal of a condom during sexual intercourse. A lot of people aren’t aware that that’s rape, but that is rape.
Letsoalo: I think it’s any form of sexual intercourse where there’s no consent whatsoever. So, I would also just like to affirm with what she said: “stealthing”, where one consents for sex with a condom, and it’s not actually the case where the guy actually takes off the condom – you have been raped. Also, I think with society we are limiting rape to a very narrow expression and how it’s been interpreted, because men are also rape victims. So, for me, rape is the lack of consent in an act or performance of sexual intercourse.

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Olympus victorious at STUKU debate

The Student Culture Committee (STUKU) held a debate tournament from 21 to 23 April, for which Olympus was crowned the winners. Various residences and day houses participated in the tournament. Rudi Peters, the tournament’s organiser, confirmed that all societies were invited. The teams debated an assortment of topics such as “Men are trash” and “If the world had to explode in the next 10 days, should government tell the people?”

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Students on NSFAS issued accommodation termination letters


On 12 April, the Temporary Student Council (TSC) issued a statement in which they stated that students relying on the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) who had been residing in private UP accredited accommodation had received eviction letters from their respective residences.
The TSC stated that UP had “initially agreed to provide a financial advance for NSFAS students towards accommodation for the months of February and March until NSFAS pays” and explained that due to this period ending, some private residences had started issuing eviction letters to NSFAS students. The TSC condemned the issuing of eviction letters, calling it a “callous act” which would “[deprive] students from their right to complete their studies”.

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Constitution for Student Governance referendum under way


The review process of the Constitution for Student Governance (CSG) was officially launched on 24 April by the Department of Student Affairs (DSA).

In terms of section 50 of the CSG, a referendum must be held at least every five years on whether the Constitution should be reviewed.

The referendum, which is currently under way, will close on 12 May.

The referendum currently takes the form of a ClickUP link in which three questions are asked. These three questions include whether students voted in the previous SRC elections, whether students thought the current student governance model in the CSG and its election process should be retained, and whether the current CSG should be changed. Students are also encouraged to make suggestions alongside the questions and will have to quote their student number at the end of the questionnaire.

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