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#DESACares gives back to the female community


The staff members for the Department of Enrolment and Student Administration (DESA), together with the Sistagirl Foundation donated ‘dignity packs’ to underprivileged girls in schools. Dignity packs included essential, basic toiletries such as sanitary towels, deodorant, soap, facecloths, toothbrushes and toothpaste. 

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UP preserves unframed art


On 27 September, the Department of UP Arts announced that it would begin to conserve over 8 600 unframed artworks from UP’s art collection. The department is responsible for managing and preserving all UP art resources, which includes all art items that are available for public exhibition in the university. 

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Tuks pride week at a glance


LGBTIAQ+ society, UP&Out hosted pride week from 26 to 29 September, which aimed to celebrate pride within the LGBTIAQ+ community. On 26 September, the week began with students painting the graffiti wall behind the disability unit on Hatfield campus.

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SRC joins forces to combat campus hunger


From 10-11 October, the UP SRC, in collaboration with academic representatives from various faculty houses continued with a food drive, “One can make a difference”, in the Graduate Centre.  The initiative, that begun on 24 September had House Humanities, EBIT, NAT house, Law house, Commercii, the Theology, Education, and Health faculties taking part.

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Perdebate 18 September 2017

On 8 September the ex-officio SRC members, who could not be inaugurated along with the elective SRC portfolios on 31 August, were eventually inaugurated. This happened after several democratically elected black ex-officio members stepped down for white candidates to take their places. The reason for the ex-officio members having to step down was because the SRC did not comply with Section 12 of Annexure A of the Constitution for Student Governance (CSG). Perdeby asked students for their opinions on the matter.

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