TSC highlights pedestrian and cyclist safety


The TSC has appealed to student pedestrians and cyclists on Hatfield campus to be cautious when crossing roads. According to Roahan Gouws, the TSC member with the portfolio of safety and security, Hatfield campus experiences a large number of student pedestrians and cyclists travelling from lectures and venues across campus. He adds that recently there were several complaints against students using pedestrian paths and campus roads without taking the necessary precautions. Gouws says that the TSC is requesting students to be cautious and adhere to campus rules, following incidents of carelessness and a lecturer being ridden into by a cyclist. “There is a possibility that students may be run over by cars, especially [at] bends in streets,” added Gouws. In this regard, students are advised to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure their own and other people’s safety:

•Pedestrians should make use of sidewalks and not walk on streets.

•Bicycles should be parked at designated bicycle racks (like those at the Law and Thuto Buildings).

•Bicycles should not be cabled/locked against lamp and street poles.

•Cyclists should push their bicycles when using sidewalks and not ride on them.

•Students should be cautious on streets when crossing and make use of pedestrian crossings.

•Student cyclists should wear helmets when travelling on bicycles.

Gouws further added that the TSC is looking into the possibility of running a campaign with Pedal Power Association to create awareness of pedestrian and cyclist safety. According to Director of Facilities Management, Prof. Susan Adendorff, the TSC together with Facilities Management were working together to ensure student safety on campus, adding that students are advised that traffic rules that are applicable on public roads also apply on UP campuses.

According to the UP 2017 Fact Finder: Rules and Regulations, students transgressing road rules may face “disciplinary provisions of the University as well as criminal charges in terms of the Control of Access to Public Premises and Vehicles Act”. Bicycles left at places not specifically designated will be removed at the risk and cost of the owner and taken to the director of Security Services. Bicycles not claimed within three months will be confiscated and sold by UP.

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