New privately owned Afrikaans-only residence opens for students


De Goede Hoop, a new private Afrikaans residence, officially opened on 28 January. The residence is divided into De Goede Hoop Mans (men) and De Goede Hoop Dames (ladies).

Each section can house 48 students. The residence operates independently of UP’s official residences and according to their website, De Goede Hoop will participate in some of the cultural activities of the university, such as Serrie and Sêr. Candice Jooste, media relations officer at UP, confirmed that De Goede Hoop is a private residence. Jooste also said that the residence is not part of TuksRes and thus will not take part in events or activities that TuksRes organises.

In addition to a standard application process, students seeking accommodation at the residence must submit an essay of 150 words on the topic of “Afrikaans Sal Bly” (Afrikaans Shall Stay) and “what it means to them”. Henrico Barnard, Chairperson of the Temporary Student Committee, said, “[De Goede Hoop] is a residence that has Afrikaans and Christian values and prefers residents who relate to this culture, which should be respected. They also strive towards creating a healthy student environment within [the] residence.”

The deputy CEO of AfriForum, Cornelius Jansen van Rensburg, said, “The aim with the De Goede Hoop project is to ensure that Afrikaans students participate in student activities. De Goede Hoop provides a home for dynamic students with Christian values, and students who have a positive attitude towards Afrikaans. It is a place where young people can participate in healthy student traditions and a place where they can live their student-life with confidence.”

Janli Sonntag, project co-ordinator at De Goede Hoop, said, “In a time where university residences lose their traditions, culture and character, De Goede Hoop provides that (traditions, culture and character) and creates an alternative for students. Every student has the right to a place which they can call home. The aim of De Goede Hoop is to ensure the participation of Christian, Afrikaans students in student activities.”

If the De Goede Hoop project succeeds at UP, AfriForum hopes to expand private residence projects to other campuses. The De Goede Hoop residence will be funded by AfriForum.


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