UP to implement fingerprint access control


Starting this year, UP will be implementing a new access control system to ensure stricter access control to UP campuses.

UP spokesperson Candice Jooste confirmed to Perdeby that UP had taken the decision and was in the process of ensuring its implementation. “We are in the process of implementing a new access control system with dual verification, making use of a new smart card technology [and] the new smart card will ensure that only the authorised card holder may enter the UP premises,” said Jooste. She added that biometric verification in conjunction with the smart card will provide a safer environment by allowing only authorised card-holders entry. Jooste said that “UP will do everything within its control to ensure the 2017 academic year proceeds as planned and without any disruption,” adding that UP “will work closely with students, staff, campus security and if necessary, the Police to protect the academic project”.

Jooste explained that an executive decision was made in 2016 that all returning students would retain their 2016 cards for access to UP campuses in 2017. This decision was made in order to minimise costs to all students, staff and contractors. For consistency, new first year students will continue to use 2016 student cards, until they are issued with smart cards.

The smart cards will work in conjunction with current student cards and are expected to be implemented later this year.


Photo: Ditebogo Tshaka

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