Strict security measures implemented at UP

Following UP’s commencement of the academic year on 6 February, new security measures were implemented on all UP campuses to ensure that the academic year started off as smoothly as possible.

Extra security guards were deployed at all entrances to UP campuses. These guards were equipped with scanners to scan students’ student cards, identification documents

or passports. The library’s operating hours were also adjusted for the beginning of the new semester.

These new security measures were met with mixed reactions from students. Some students complained about long queues forming from certain gates causing them to be late for class or to miss class completely. One student posted on Twitter that the security guards were “mean”. Another student said that he waited for almost an hour trying to gain entrance to the Hatfield campus through the University Road entrance.

When asked why these new measures were implemented, Candice Jooste, Media Relations Officer at UP, said, “The safety of our students and staff is important to us. We’ve put the necessary security measures in place to ensure the 2017 academic year will proceed without any disruption...To protect the academic project is the centre of our mission. This exercise will continue until most of our students are registered and we are confident that campus activities are normal.” Jooste also commented on the fact that many students complained about long queues forming at certain gates: “Students are requested to make use of alternate gates to avoid congestion. The pedestrian gates at the main gate and the parkade entrance are currently not being utilised to capacity.”


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