SRC member suspended following Facebook post

SRC member suspended following Facebook post


Luvuyo Menziwa, the SRC member with the study finance portfolio, has been suspended from the SRC with immediate effect. He was found guilty on three counts of misconduct according to the SRC code of conduct and was asked to vacate office by 2 September pending further investigation. He has been given the right to appeal this decision to Dr Matete Madiba, Director of Student Affairs, within 7 working days.

The decision was announced following a meeting of the internal SRC disciplinary committee with Dr Madiba. The meeting was chaired by SRC secretary Donovan du Plooy and aimed to discuss the implications and consequences of the Facebook post made on 29 August by Menziwa in which he threatened to kill whites and proclaimed his hate of white people.

The SRC released a statement after the announcement detailing the decision of the disciplinary committee. The statement explains that Menziwa’s action of posting the Facebook post was in contravention of the disciplinary code of conduct and as a result the Constitution for Student Governance. According to a statement published on the SRC Facebook page, Menziwa was found guilty on one charge of “serious misconduct” and two counts of “very serious misconduct”.

The legality of the disciplinary committee has been questioned by some on social media claiming that procedures as set out in the Student Governance Constitution were not properly followed.



The Facebook post detailed Menziwa’s hates about white people. The post then went on and threatened to inflict armed acts of violence on “whites” with a bazooka or AK47. Menziwa’s post attempted to highlight the difference between “whites” and “white people” and also referred to white people as “demon possed (sic) humans”. The post received significant attention on social media and the SRC received numerous complaints as a result of the post. The post has since been removed from Menziwa’s Facebook page.


According to the SRC Facebook statement, Menziwa has accepted the outcome of the disciplinary proceedings and is aware of his right to appeal the decision.

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