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Transport disaster for Mamelodi


Mamelodi, one of the biggest townships on the east of Pretoria, has made news headlines recently due to the violence that arose when taxi drivers attacked Autopax buses, the replacements for the discontinued Putco bus service.


It was alleged that the government promised taxi operators that when Putco ended their service that these routes would be handed to the taxi operators. Instead, another bus service was put into place on these routes. The resulting strike affected commuters that relied on buses and taxis to get to work. Fikile Likhuleni, a cleaner at Inca, explained that she arrived late for work because there weren’t any taxis she could use in Mamelodi to get to the train station.

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Constitution for Student Governance amendment workshop


With the SRC elections around the corner, the annual process for submitting proposed amendments to the Constitution for Student Governance was discussed in a workshop held on Saturday 16 May. The workshop discussed the Student Leadership Forum, the registration of new student committees, and the amendment process.

The SRC, Constitutional Tribunal, Stuku, Rag, Student Disciplinary Advisory Panel (SDAP) and Student Sport attended. Facilitator of the workshop Christina Mosalagae explained that the value of this constitution should be measured firstly on its transcendence or lasting value, and secondly on its legacy, what is passed on to future generations of student governance. The workshop was also attended by the director and deputy director of the Department of Student Affairs, Dr Matete Madiba and Dr Willem Jorissen along with the head of Student Governance Mzikazi Noholoza.

Dr Madiba explained that prior to the current constitution, the political system made students apathetic towards student politics, but unfortunately the rules of engagement of the current constitution are being broken leading to the platform being hijacked by certain groups. Dr Madiba believes that students need to regain a sense of civility in student forums and discussions and that difference isn’t always a point of conflict. She explained that difference is being used to destroy civility. Dr Madiba explained that “Improving the implementation of the student governance constitution is about ensuring that students get the opportunity to grow as individual leaders and as leaders who understand interdependence, collaboration and civility. The Student Leadership Forum is one of the forums where interdependence matters, where different leaders have to interact and elevate their shared vision for a positive change on campus.”

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Wits SRC president removed from office


Mcebo Dlamini has been removed from his position as Wits SRC president after being given a suspended exclusion, pending appeal, earlier in the year. Dlamini was found guilty of misconduct by a student disciplinary committee for an unknown offence. Afterwards, Dlamini posted on Facebook stating that he had been found guilty of “insulting one senior management clown that I said [he’s] an incompetent white man who still harbours [an] apartheid hangover.”

Wits Vice-Chancellor Prof. Adam Habib told the media that Dlamini had been allowed to stay in office while he appealed his conviction. Prof. Habib then said, “I have decided to withdraw my decision for Mr Dlamini to remain in office.” Prof. Habib said that he made this decision because he realised that allowing Dlamini to stay in office while his appeal was pending would be a violation of the SRC constitution and the principle of justice.

Dlamini has recently made headlines for comments on Facebook in which he expressed his admiration for Adolf Hitler. His comments regarding Hitler upset the South African Jewish community and Prof. Habib condemned Dlamini’s post.

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Africa Day 2015: Awakening the senses


On 19 May the African Union Student Alliance (AUSA) hosted Africa Day in the Plant Sciences auditorium. The theme for Africa Day was “Awakening the senses: political and social expressions through art in Africa” which was showcased through the use of art from various students at the university.

The event was attended by esteemed guests such as Vice- Chancellor Prof. Cheryl de la Rey, the director of the Department of Student Affairs Dr Matete Madiba, the acting dean of the Department of Humanities Prof. Hennie Stander and advocate Mojanku Gumbi, who was the keynote speaker for the evening.

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Concerns over BRT


The City of Tshwane is in the process of changing the current two lane roads of Lynnwood and Atterbury to incorporate the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system which launched in the city centre and Hatfield regions last year.

City mayoral spokesman Blessing Manale made a statement in which he said that a proposal was put forth for converting the road into one mixed traffic lane and one bus lane. The municipality has said that this is too expensive, especially considering that the figure for construction costs had doubled from the initial quoted price of building the BRT system from University Road to Nelson Mandela Drive.

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