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Raise awareness with The Rhino Run


On 12 September Gauteng hosted The Rhino Run, which was held at the Hedianga Farm, 15 km away from the University of Pretoria’s Hatfield campus. The race caters to runners with different levels of experience with three separate distances to choose from: 6 km, 12 km and 18 km.

The Rhino Run was inspired by a female rhino named Thandi (a Xhosa word for “love”) who was the sole survivor of a gruesome poaching attack. Many followed her road to recovery after a video of her struggle to survive was uploaded to Youtube.

Organisers decided on a trail run in an attempt to bring South Africans back in touch with the wild and remind them of the beauty that their country has to offer.

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Revving up the crowd: Red Bull X-Fighters qualifiers

Revving up the crowd: Red Bull X-Fighters qualifiers


The qualifiers for the latest leg of the Red Bull X-Fighters world tour took place on 11 September at the Union Buildings in Pretoria and saw top riders such as Clinton Moore, Tom Pagés and David Rinaldo set out to outperform one another to grab a spot in the top eight for the next round.

The riders are judged by a panel of five judges and one head judge, South African Jason Moriarty. The judging panel are former riders and experienced freestyle motocross (FMX) professionals with a thorough understanding for the sport, who look for certain criteria’s in the riders run.

The qualifying run saw amazing tricks from riders such as Josh Sheehan, who performed a double backflip, and Tom Pagés, who brought the crowd to their feet after landing a Volt, where the rider does a 360° spin above the bike. Riders performed other stunts such as the cliffhanger, the tsunami, and the alley-oop. After a miscalculated stunt and a bad fall, Danny Torres decided to pull out of the second round of qualifiers. While Clinton Moore also experienced a nasty fall in his second qualifying run, he got back up and continued with the remaining minute of his lap. During a press conference that took place earlier in the day, Moore said that he was there to have fun, do his best and leave the rest up to the judges. Josh Sheehan also said in the press confrence that after a rider has had a bad fall, they need to regroup and focus on what is ahead.

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New SAPS Brooklyn station commander

 New SAPS Brooklyn station commander


Brigadier Kushie Nair was recently appointed as the first female station commander of the Brooklyn police station.

UP has had a longstanding and productive partnership with the Brooklyn SAPS. Prof. Cheryl de la Rey, the Principal and Vice- Chancellor of UP, has given Brigadier Nair a warm welcome to her new post. Prof. de la Rey referred to the partnership between the university and the SAPS and said that, “Over the years, we’ve been pooling our resources to ensure a safe environment for our staff and students.” She further stated that, “It is such a pleasure to welcome another woman in command, especially as it is Women’s Month.”

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National Arbour Day celebrated at Mamelodi campus

National Arbour Day celebrated at Mamelodi campus


The first week of September is national Arbor Week, and to celebrate it this year, 21 trees were planted on the Mamelodi campus on 3 September. The theme of the event was 21 years of democracy.

“The trees were sponsored by Wildlands, which is a company that propagates their trees,” said Courtney Gehle, the incoming chairperson of The Greenline, which is the campus environmental society for 2016.

The event was attended by members of the SRC and was a success. Preliminary SRC president Kwena Moloto, preliminary SRC member for facilities, safety and security Brian Nkala, and current SRC member for societies Michelle Krüger were some of the attendees who lent a helping hand to plant the trees. during the course of next year. The reason we won’t be planting on Hatfield is that there is no space left to plant anymore trees,” said Gehle.

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Drinking dilemmas: Proposed laws to shake up South Africa's liquor landscape


In May of this year the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) released their proposal for new alcohol laws in South Africa. The purpose of the proposal is to respond to the rise of alcohol abuse through recommendations for problematic areas, one of which is the significant increase in alcohol consumption among the youth. Objectors to the newly proposed alcohol laws have been given until 13 August to raise issues. The implementation of these laws would impact anyone younger than 21 years of age and those involved in the liquor industry.

The proposed laws threaten to take away what is, for most students, a big part of student life: alcohol. One of the suggestions made by the proposal is to increase the legal drinking age from 18 to 21. Trademarx manager Amarie Botes feels that this change will not have the desired effect, saying that, “[The] millennials demographic group acts very ‘anti-establishment’. They do what they want and are extremely resourceful.” Tyronne Bakker, a second-year mechanical engineering student, feels that these changes to the law do not make sense as one “can be called an adult with all the rights and responsibilities at 18, with the exception of being allowed to drink”. In the proposal, the DTI argues that this is one way of fixing South Africa’s drinking problem, as research shows that the younger people start drinking the more likely they will be to experience heavy drinking problems as adults. To also help solve this issue, the proposal suggests that municipalities regulate the days and hours when alcohol is sold.

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