The heart of the university: The student centre


The student centre is the one place on campus that offers all the things any student needs. Students can buy books, food, stationery and even seek assistance in terms of accommodation. Most importantly, students can also use the facilities to socialise with other students.

One of the greatest things about the studentcentre is the weekly promotions from all sectors within and outside the university. During the first few weeks of the year, students are able to sign up for various societies. Throughout the year promoters from Labello, Redbull, Standard Bank and many more visit campus to inform and get students involved in external activities. Most of the time students receive freebies when such promotions happen. Students are also able to take part in activities that matter, like donating blood at the South African National Blood Services tent whenever it is made available.

TuksSport and TuksRAG also make use of the student centre to introduce various events such as the different sports involved in Varsity Cup and RAG outreach initiatives. For personal finances, students can also make use of the ATMs provided by Standard Bank, ABSA, Nedbank and FNB. Eduloan has also made their services available at the student centre for easier accessibility by students. For accommodation, OC Rental assists in finding suitable and affordable accommodation to suit various students’ needs.

Apart from administration, the student centre also offers a great variety of affordable and enjoyable food stations. From sandwiches to doughnuts, places like Coffee Buzz, Spaghetti and Big Al’s are only some of the stations where students can purchase food. The student centre is also accommodating for students meeting to work on group projects without the noise restrictions of the library.

The student centre is the meeting spot for students to socialise with one another and recuperate in between classes. Any student can find whatever it is they need there and at any time of the day.


Image: Sally Hartzenberg








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