Hatfield CID creating a better Hatfield environment


The Hatfield City Improvement District (Hatfield CID) is working on making Hatfield a safe place for students.

Perdeby spoke to Lucas Luckhoff, CEO of the Hatfield CID and Danie Basson, COO for Security and Cleaning at the Hatfield CID.

Luckhoff said that Hatfield CID uses approximately 55 security officials from two external companies: G4S Security and JC Security. According to Luckhoff, between 28 and 33 officials work during the day.

According to Luckoff, the root cause of crime in Hatfield is poor people with drug-related problems, willing to do anything to get their next “fix”.

 Luckoff said that the Hatfield CID’s biggest problem is vehicle-related incidents such as stolen vehicles and items being stolen from inside vehicles. Luckoff said that it is very important for all vehicles to be equipped with an alarm of some sort. According to Luckoff, older model vehicles are bigger targets for potential car thieves. Danie Basson said that incidents involving remote jamming is also increasing. Basson added that the devices criminals use to jam signals works on most vehicles, except newer car models. Luckhoff and Basson urged students to be careful when leaving their vehicles parked on sidewalks. They also urged students to be extra vigilant when people approach them while they are getting out of their vehicles. It is then when criminals silently open car doors while the driver is being distracted by someone else.

Approximately 34 CCTV cameras are installed in and around Hatfield. Basson explains that a company contracted by the City of Tshwane, SAPS and members from the Hatfield CID monitor these cameras. Any suspicious persons and/or vehicles are quickly spotted and a security guard on foot is dispatched to investigate. SAPS is also immediately notified as soon as a crime is reported and backup is sent, if necessary.

Basson explained that the Hatfield CID has full jurisdiction to arrest people committing any crime within the area that they operate in. However, the security guards have to witness the crime taking place before arresting someone. In this case, if a crime is reported, security guards can hold a suspect until police arrive. The Hatfield CID has had some success in their work. According to Basson and Luckhoff, 47 people were arrested in July in connection with possession and selling of drugs.

Luckoff added that they are also working with the City of Tshwane to ensure that all of Hatfield’s street lights are in working order. This will also help in decreasing crime in Hatfield.

Basson said: “If you are coming to Hatfield to look for trouble, you will find trouble. But I (can) guarantee you, if you need help, we will help you.”

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