Student jumps from Humanities Building


A male student died after jumping from the Humanities building (HB) on main campus on Monday morning in an alleged suicide.The university confirmed the incident in a statements labeling it as an “unnatural death of a student”.

The university said that the student’s name has been withheld until they received permission to release the name from the parents of the deceased. It is unknown at this stage from which floor the student jumped.

Micaela Paschini, a first year BA Law student who witnessed the incident said that she was walking with a friend to the Client Service Centre to get a new student card around 08:30 when she heard a high-pitched scream and a loud bang. Paschini said that her friend told her that she had seen something fall from the HB although she wasn’t certain what it was.

Paschini said that she went to the sixth floor of the HB where she discovered the victim’s body and alerted security She said that the security guards arrived on the scene quickly and immediately covered up the body.

Ethel Motlhamme, a senior management officer at Student Support, said that they have already given professional counselling to four students who have been affected by the incident. Nicolize Mulder, UP’s media liaison officer said, “It’s important to remind students of the availability of counselling services at this institution.” The university said that trauma counselling is available for affected students and staff.

The incident has raised concerns over the safety and precautionary measures at the HB and other high-rise buildings on campus. This comes after a UP lecturer also died after jumping from the same building in July.

UP has offered trauma counselling to all affected staff and students.

Student Support can be reached on their 24-hour crisis service number 0800 006 428 or 012 420 2310.

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