Firearm discharged at a popular student bar

Ditebogo Tshaka

In the early hours of 9 March, a firearm is believed to have been discharged inside a popular bar, The Jolly Rodger, on Lynnwood Road.

A video circulated on social media showing the outside of the establishment, when what sounds like a gunshot is heard. After the sound, shouts can be heard from The Jolly Rodger patrons, who then begin to run away from the entrance.

“One of the security guys shot one shot, after knocking out two guys with [a baton]” an eyewitness to the incident who wishes to remain anonymous, recalled.

According to a bartender of the clubhouse, who wishes to remain anonymous, “there was [an] unfortunate incident of violence last night where unknown clients attacked a security guard.”

Management of The Jolly Rodger confirmed the incident to Perdeby. “Scuffles ensued between the security company appointed by T.J.R and the unsavoury elements, when these elements tried to force their way into T.J.R. At this time, management cleared T.J.R via the emergency escape route and the police were summoned immediately. All clients were evacuated within 3 minutes. Police arrived on site without delay” said T.J.R. management. . “T.J.R is very grateful that nobody was injured in the process. Once the premises were entirely closed off, the situation was discussed with the SAPS and handed over to them.”

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International students delayed in beginning the academic year


A number of international students raised complaints concerning their inability to return to South Africa to commence the academic year as their study VISAs had expired and they were awaiting their renewal by relevant international bodies.

Visa and Permit Faculty Centre (VFS) Global which is an organisation that is responsible for renewing students VISAs had started the VISA renewal procedure and as a result, students had to wait until their VISAs were ready for collection. Due to this process, international students did not start their academic programme on time.

The VFS worked on a first-come-first-serve basis which meant that the renewal of students’ VISAs was dependent on how early they submitted their applications.

The SRC raised this issue on social media to attract the attention of such students. According to the International Students Office on UP main campus, large numbers of students who were unable to come to South Africa were from Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

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SRC calls for first quarter student forum meeting

Ditebogo Tshaka

On 5 March, the SRC announced on Facebook that they would be holding their first quarter student forum meeting as stipulated by section 41 of the Constitution for Student Governance (CSG). The student forum is made of the SRC, heads of faculty houses, societies and house committee members of residence and day houses. The meeting will be held on 27 March at the Sanlam Auditorium from 17:30 to 20:00. The post stated that anyone who wishes to pose questions should submit them in writing to the SRC Secretary, Soraia Machado at least 48 hours before the meeting. According to section 41(e) of the CSG, the “questions posed to the SRC must be focused on a particular portfolio and must be directed at the SRC plan of action”. Perdeby asked the SRC for its plan of action several times since 5 March. At the time of going to print, none of these requests were answered. All questions should be submitted by 21 March at 17:00 to src.deputysecretary@tuks. The Forum is normally chaired by Chief Justice of the Constitutional Tribunal.

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SRC assists NSFAS students with accommodation

Refilwe Mofokeng

On 26 February, the SRC’s Deputy Secretary Kutlwano Mositi announced on the SRC Facebook page that after much discussion they had managed to secure 50 beds at Hatfield Studios for NSFAS students at a discounted price. Hatfield Studios has been accommodating TuksRes students since 2015.

Mositi said that there was no criteria that was used for placement. All NSFAS students who had a reasonable outstanding amount after tuition fees qualified for this offer.

With regards to why the amount was R1000 for 10 months, Kutlwano explained that this was the maximum amount students could afford. He said, “It all depended on how much the student had after their tuition fees were deducted. For example, the company made the following proposal, (R43 000 for the year, for a student who chooses to reside at Hatfield Studios and R36 000 for students who choose to reside at Studios@Burnett). So if students had those exact amounts or more, they wouldn’t need to pay the top up fee as required, but if the aid student had less than the two amounts, that is where the top up figure would be determined from”.

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Pres Ramaphosa announces his first cabinet reshuffle

Henri Uys
On 26 February, President Cyril Ramaphosa made changes to his cabinet. This was Pres. Ramaphosa’s first cabinet reshuffle since taking office on 15 February.

During a live address to the nation, Pres. Ramaphosa said, “These changes are intended to ensure that National Government is better equipped to continue implementing the mandate of this administration and specifically the tasks identified in the State of the National Address. In making these changes, I’ve been very conscious of the need to balance continuity and stability for the need for renewal, economic recovery and accelerated growth in our country.”

Speaking to eNCA journalist, Annika Larsen, the following morning, Pres. Ramaphosa described his cabinet as “transitional”. Pres. Ramaphosa said, “It is the Cabinet that will take us to the next elections. That's how people should see it, and it is a very strong Cabinet. It takes into account the strengths we have in government and we have some really good people. I'd like to give them a chance and give them an opportunity. I'm hoping... they will take us forward.”

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