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Poetry corner 18 September 2017

Exposition of Nature

By Alexandra Scott


Your little grey body

Lies exposed to the harsh sun

With tiny winged creatures

Worshipping the enamoured heat

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Top Ten things to do on spring day

If you don’t like dust and sunburn and you have seen Mathew Mole at every possible South African event to the point where you wonder if a special “bat signal” is put out at a gathering of more than twenty people and he just appears, then this list is for you.

1. Sleep

2. Visit the SPCA (they have puppies!)

3. Lie to yourself about getting some studying done

4. Any admin things you need to do (like asking Vodacom where all your data went) because it’s not a real public holiday

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The Top Ten: ways to say “my hovercraft is full of eels”


Seeing as we had limited space this week, we thought we’d go for something simple. Here is, in no particular order, the best phrase for you to use next week in 10 different dialects. If you understand the reference, find us and we’ll buy you a drink.

1. Ndebele: Isikepe sami sigcwele umzowa.

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Top ten ways to celebrate Heritage Day



1. Visit Maropeng. On 10 September, Wits University researchers announced the discovery of a possible new human ancestor: Homo Naledi. The fossils are currently on display at Maropeng until 11 October.

2. Braai. Possibly the most clichéd suggestion, but grilling meat on some hot coals is still a good way to spend the day. 

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The Top Ten: experiences every Tuks first-year should have


The top ten is your weekly advice column. Study it and apply it because it is completely trustworthy and will ensure you are the coolest kid on campus. To start the year off, here are ten things that you absolutely have to do while you are a student at Tuks.

1. Steal a jottir – Madelief’s jottirs (the white polystyrene hats they wear) are their pride and joy. However, you will obtain even more pride and joy by successfully stealing one of these hats. Be warned, this can end in a vast amount of pain or an early return to your hometown. If you’re caught, Perdeby didn’t suggest this.

2. Attend a lunch-hour concert – Each Thursday around lunchtime, various musos perform for the less cultured beings of Tuks. These concerts are free and the generally beautiful, especially if the Camerata are showcasing their new repetoire.

3. Take a plunge in the bokdammetjie - The pond outside the Old Arts building has become progressively less green and more chlorinated with each year. This can only indicate that it’s intended to be swum in. Just check twice for the security guards on golf carts before jumping in.

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