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Top ten things to add on your UP bucket list

1 - Getting stuck in a turnstile and having people snicker behind you.

2 - Getting stuck in an HSB elevator and realising that having a fear of small spaces is completely rational.

3 - Having multiple summer dress malfunctions as your straps break or as your dress rides up your back exposing more than you ever wanted to show.

4 - Getting lost trying to find the maths building, Roosmaryn or really anything and being forced to ask for directions.

5 - Freezing your butt off in the Chancellors building in summer.

6 - Going to campus hungover for the first time and using Oom Gerts breakfast as a cure.

7 - Meeting that special someone at the botanical gardens for some alone time and then finding other couples there for the same reason. Awkward.

8 - Finding out the difference between the AE Annex and the AE Audit five minutes before your semester test.

9 - Having to do the walk of shame when accidently sitting down in the wrong lecture.

10 - Leaving campus after an all-nighter and finding out how beautiful campus is at 6:00.

Cartoon 23 October 2017

Poetry corner 23 October 2017

A Solitary Ant’s Measure of Greatness - Dylan Vosloo


A solitary ant’s measure of greatness

May be defined by the heights to which he climbs;

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Pssst... 23 October 2017

Pssst… was in hiding for a while. Mostly because the residences were so boring this last quarter. Not even Mopanie dressed in only snug black underwear for their annual Jock Run seemed to excite anyone. Maybe it’s because the ladies’ residences finally realised that Mopanie Girl isn’t really that special, since Mopanie sings it at anything that even glances their way.

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Poetry corner 16 October 2017

Extract from “Open Apology” - Andile S. Zulu

I heard you found your smile again,
And miss your crescent pressing on my skin.
The present moment I’m in
Presents a presence o’ prison.
The peasants have risen.
The presents you’d given ain’t even here with me -
I really wish that you were here with me...

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