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Poetry Corner 5 February 2018

Perseverance – Heike Lucht

Rolling with the tides of life

Accepting change as constant

It needn’t be comfortable, only inevitable

I may as well just roll with it

Come up for air once in a while

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Pssst... 5 February 2018

Pssst... is afraid of going to campus since it overrun with res students proudly sporting their atrocious uniforms and high school sweet hearts who believe that they will still be dating two weeks onto uni. Pssst... can assure you that your sweet little boyfriends will be sucking face with some Slurpie pretty soon.

The Aula grass has turned into a war zone between Taaibos and Kollege. Pssst... thinks the Vremies are way too over protective of their sad patch of grass they use to play make-believe cricket. Speaking of having no balls, Pssst... is unimpressed with the Maroela Jarre who politely returned a Madelief HC’s straw jottir after savagely ripping it off her head. Although Pssst... Can’t blame the jarre for not wanting a jottir, the Knolle don’t seem to want one either.

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Cartoon 27 January 2018

Poetry Corner 27 January 2018

Chaotic refuge - Ricardo Teixeira


Step through the gates
That metal clanking sound
Allowing entry
To hallowed ground


Brick halls,
Paths where leaves fall
Where students walk
And together talk
About our future
Our tomorrow

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Pssst... 27 January 2018

Pssst... is very excited to see all the first years moving into their little rat caves, more commonly known as res. Because Pssst... is kind and warm hearted, Pssst... decided to give the res first years a little advice.

To the peppies: Do not break your backs trying to protect the knolle’s jottirs. They are made from polystyrene and no knol is worth the risk (does anyone care these days?). Plus, peppies have to save their energy for protecting the oh-so important mielies. Otherwise there will be no Oesfees for you to listen to bad music and sokkie rhythmlessly to.

Pssst... would like to apologise to the first years joining Katjiepiering. It seems you will share a room with three other irritating Katte while your HC enjoys the luxuries of a studio apartment. It might serve you well to get over your personal space issues before moving in.

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