Poetry corner: Issue 9

Never Too Late for A Miracle

— David Olu Bolatimi

We pray for the days when the sun smiles upon our face. When the wind grazes us with tranquillity, joy, and love. When the daisies and sunflowers dance in the abyss of the evergreen. When laughter and smiles and little ones remind us what innocence is. Singing and telling stories by the camp fire – stories of bravery, passion, dreams and love. Oh how we long for the days when the sky doesn’t end, and we gaze upon the stars, make a wish and hope.

There will be winters when the skies are filled with large, dark, heavy, pregnant clouds. Roaring thunders as Thor expresses mutual anger and frustration – screaming to let out the excruciating pain within, a pain we cannot explain. Secret tears, dying in silence as our world crumbles before us. Either focusing on what’s tearing us apart or what’s keeping us together.

Step out into the rain and dance for it might be your last. Stand still in the face of danger, for the grass darkness will be triumphed. Darkness lasts for the night, but the sun shines in the morning. A new day, a blank page – brand new stories, brand new adventures waiting to be written. And we all know that every story has a silver lining.

That anger you feel, that burning rage that has veins popping from your core being. That is desire – the longing for something bigger, something better, something greater. Until you get there; Never give up. Have big dreams, you will grow into them. Don’t let your dreams stay dreams. Because it’s never too late for a miracle, it’s never too late for love. Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

So keep praying. Keep hoping. Keep dreaming. It will happen. Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.




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