Top Ten: types of lecturers

UP has all different kinds of lecturers with a spectrum of different teaching styles. Here are the top ten kinds of lecturers you will meet in your university career.


1.That one lecturer who stands outside and smokes before class, is always slightly late and

messed up but still gives a killer lesson.

2. Those lecturers who are unbelievably boring and know it, so they let you out early.

3. The lecturer that tells you they’re not going to try catch you out in the semester test and

then actually keeps their word.

4. Those lecturers who wear pastel pant-suits and lock the doors two minutes BEFORE the

lecture starts.

5. Attendance-shaming lecturers that coerce on-time students to slow-clap for late comers.

Or worse, force late comers to sing in front of everyone.

6. The cool one that swore once.

7. The very fashionable lectures who arrive better dressed than the BCom Law ladies.

8. Those wacky lecturers who sing or dance or play music during lectures.

9. The lecturers who don’t post their slides on ClickUP but are still surprised when students

take photos of the slides because they can only write so fast.

10. The ones that don’t understand that we are humans, with human bodies, lives, wants and

desires that aren’t about Wednesday’s tutorial.

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