Poetry Corner 26 March 2018




The Sun Will Rise

- Bongiswa Msibi

Though the waters grow ever wild

And its surface never stills

I care not what its depth hides

For soon the sun will rise.

Though the diamonds of the sky seize to shine

And the night grows too dark, too cold,

I worry not of the skies

For soon the sun will rise.

Though the night’s cries grow louder

And it consumes without thought

I do not shake to cries

For soon the sun will rise.

Now, not far beyond

The sky bleeds of golden glory and passion,

Of colours beyond my mind’s eyes

And I see before me, the sunrise.



- Bongiswa Msibi

These that speak of their sacrifice

When sacrifice lies six feet beneath their carpeted floor.

These that speak fire so sweet to hear

But in their chambers adopt that which we abhor.

These that speak for the people,

Who sleep in mansions to those who sleep on the street,

Care not of the people

As they consume currency and manufacture deceit.

We stand and applaud

For these brave and noble speakers

And salute these:

Our honoured nation leaders.


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