Poetry Corner 5 March 2018

Between these lines - Minke Biddulph


Between these lines lay

the lucid resentment.

Buried beneath our fear of rejection,

feelings shout out our hearts’ intent


while the words we have spoken




Behind the deceptive walls

these bruised, bloody hearts

cry and sing and dance-

But they can’t convince our lips to move as

honestly as they do. 


Day after day

the courage fades away


all that remains is

Feeling and Word,

desperately clawing for one anotherattempting

to show you

what I could not



Be a pebble – Heike Lucht

Find your voice and break the silence

Let its echo thread the needle

To repair the wounds that hold you bound

Let your light shine, blinding

Leave the shadows dancing at its edge behind

Go claim your freedom!

Be the pebble that creates the ripples of



Perdeby often gets asked if we have a space for poetry in the paper. Now we do. If you think your poetry should appear in this space, send an email to   perdeby@up.ac.za. Submissions may not be more than 100 words and may not have any unusual layout features. See the Perdeby letter policy for other guidelines.

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