Top Ten: Annoying Fashion Trends on Campus

1- Activewear. Did you really just come from gym? 

2- Your Matric hoody. No one cares. 

3- Black vans. We get it, you listen to the 1975

4- Nose piercings. So. Edgy. 

5- Your "wannabeard". Please shave those four hairs on your cheek

6- Graphic Tees. Do you even know what's on your shirt?

7- Wearing beanies in 36-degree weather. We get it, you play "wonderwall" at parties. 

8- Marijuana themed clothing. Oh cool, you smoked weed once. 

9- Matching couples outfits. This is university, not Instagram. 

10- Anything culturally appropriated. Educate yourselves


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