Poetry Corner 19 February 2018

Leave me unwashed - Tadiwanashe S. Mupfunya

Why don’t we drink our coffee black?
Dark chocolate is too strong!
Our skin looks like a mud puddle,
A dirty dirty pond of dung.
So, many feel contaminated,
And they set themselves on fire
For the world to envy the flame.
They drown in a tub of bleach,
Spend thousands and thousands,
Trying to abolish this germ.
Covering it up, watering it down
Staying indoors, swimming in woes,
Shaking it off,
But not to the African drum.
As every brown sistah turns into a yellow star
My voluptuous lips still utter the plea:
Please leave me unwashed.



Perdeby often gets asked if we have a space for poetry in the paper. Now we do. If you think your poetry should appear in this space, send an email to  perdeby@up.ac.za. Submissions may not be more than 100 words and may not have any unusual layout features. See the Perdeby letter policy for other guidelines.

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