Poetry Corner 5 February 2018

Perseverance – Heike Lucht

Rolling with the tides of life

Accepting change as constant

It needn’t be comfortable, only inevitable

I may as well just roll with it

Come up for air once in a while

Then dive back in, sink or swim

Because tide and time wait for no one

I’m bound to find hope

If I choose to stay long enough;

Life can suck the light right out of me

I’ll hold on so tightly

The friction of my will to live

Kindles an ember in my still beating heart

So I can see my way

By the fire in my soul



Perdeby often gets asked if we have a space for poetry in the paper. Now we do. If you think your poetry should appear in this space, send an email to perdeby@up.ac.za. Submissions may not be more than 100 words and may not have any unusual layout features. See the Perdeby letter policy for other guidelines.

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