The Top Ten: ways to say “my hovercraft is full of eels”


Seeing as we had limited space this week, we thought we’d go for something simple. Here is, in no particular order, the best phrase for you to use next week in 10 different dialects. If you understand the reference, find us and we’ll buy you a drink.

1. Ndebele: Isikepe sami sigcwele umzowa.

2. French: Mon aéroglisseur est plein d’anguilles.

3. Shona: Hovercraft yangu yakazara nemikunga.

4. German: Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale.

5. Zulu: Umkhumbi wami ugcwele ngenyoka zemanzini.

6. Spanish: Mi aerodeslizador está lleno de anguilas.

7. Internet: Mer hervercrerft ers ferl erf eerls.

8. Japanese: Watashi no hobākurafuto wa unagi de ippai desu.

9. Russian: Moy korabl’ na vozdushnoy podushke ye polno ugrey (мой корабль на воздушной подушке полно ye угрей).

10. Afrikaans: My skeertuig is vol palings. your social media marketing partner

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