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Poetry corner: Issue 9

Never Too Late for A Miracle

— David Olu Bolatimi

We pray for the days when the sun smiles upon our face. When the wind grazes us with tranquillity, joy, and love. When the daisies and sunflowers dance in the abyss of the evergreen. When laughter and smiles and little ones remind us what innocence is. Singing and telling stories by the camp fire – stories of bravery, passion, dreams and love. Oh how we long for the days when the sky doesn’t end, and we gaze upon the stars, make a wish and hope.

There will be winters when the skies are filled with large, dark, heavy, pregnant clouds. Roaring thunders as Thor expresses mutual anger and frustration – screaming to let out the excruciating pain within, a pain we cannot explain. Secret tears, dying in silence as our world crumbles before us. Either focusing on what’s tearing us apart or what’s keeping us together.

Step out into the rain and dance for it might be your last. Stand still in the face of danger, for the grass darkness will be triumphed. Darkness lasts for the night, but the sun shines in the morning. A new day, a blank page – brand new stories, brand new adventures waiting to be written. And we all know that every story has a silver lining.

That anger you feel, that burning rage that has veins popping from your core being. That is desire – the longing for something bigger, something better, something greater. Until you get there; Never give up. Have big dreams, you will grow into them. Don’t let your dreams stay dreams. Because it’s never too late for a miracle, it’s never too late for love. Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

So keep praying. Keep hoping. Keep dreaming. It will happen. Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.




Poetry Corner Issue 8


— Blessing Maluleke

A twin she is,

a shoulder to cry on,

A mothership she is.

Perfect example of God’s love.

Your other half,

Your advisor,

Giving you guidance when you are lost.

Directing your steps.

Once in those shoes

But now willing to wear your shoes.

Feeling before you feel it.

Your pain her pain,

Your failure her failure

Your loss her loss

Your tears her tears

Your success her success.

Patient, caring, loving,

Free-spirited, open-minded, open-hearted,

Persistent, perseverant, strong

Brave, courageous.

A conqueror she is

A warrior she is

Fighting the battle for you

Interceding on your behalf

Caring you for all those months

And enduring the pain

She is the rock of your soul

Mother she is


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Top Ten: types of lecturers

UP has all different kinds of lecturers with a spectrum of different teaching styles. Here are the top ten kinds of lecturers you will meet in your university career.


1.That one lecturer who stands outside and smokes before class, is always slightly late and

messed up but still gives a killer lesson.

2. Those lecturers who are unbelievably boring and know it, so they let you out early.

3. The lecturer that tells you they’re not going to try catch you out in the semester test and

then actually keeps their word.

4. Those lecturers who wear pastel pant-suits and lock the doors two minutes BEFORE the

lecture starts.

5. Attendance-shaming lecturers that coerce on-time students to slow-clap for late comers.

Or worse, force late comers to sing in front of everyone.

6. The cool one that swore once.

7. The very fashionable lectures who arrive better dressed than the BCom Law ladies.

8. Those wacky lecturers who sing or dance or play music during lectures.

9. The lecturers who don’t post their slides on ClickUP but are still surprised when students

take photos of the slides because they can only write so fast.

10. The ones that don’t understand that we are humans, with human bodies, lives, wants and

desires that aren’t about Wednesday’s tutorial.

Top ten: exam tips to get you through June

1. Remain calm at all times. Go for a smoke break during your exam if need be. They say a relaxing stroll can do wonders.

2. Don’t forget to bring some snacks. Exams can last a while, be sure to bring some tasty corn and nuts. The loud crunching is motivating and will help break the awkward silence of an exam venue.

3. If you don’t know the answer, feel free to ask your neighbour. Heck, why not just pull a team effort and work it out together. Apparently you will always have to do group work, why not in exams?

4. When nervous, clicking your pen exactly 22 times will help you remain calm. If you miss 22 or lose count, just start again. You have all the time in the world.

5. Don’t worry about stationary, you can always use that guy that always sits in the front and comes prepared with 50 pens. Write in yellow, brighten your markers day.

6. No need to waste time showering beforehand. If you stink, you’ll be sure you get the aisle seat so you can get a quick escape when the invigilators order pens down.

7. Never underestimate the importance of cramming. Nothing is more invigorating than last minute reading. Some say you can read 40 pages in an hour if you try hard enough.

8. Tissues aren’t eco-friendly, go green! Sniff to your heart’s content. Don’t forget to make it a deep sniff, so you keep every last ounce from running out your nose.

9. If you must bring tissues, remember to hide your notes in the pack. Writing your notes on the reverse of your water bottle label also works. But for goodness sake, please don’t bring in your hoodies, hats, or scarves. You could be cheating.

10. Sit slightly out of line from the person in front of you. It makes the invigilators excited and you will make their day better. When they tell you you’re out of line, move a little too far to the right. See how long you can keep it going.

Poetry Corner 23 April 2018



-Justin de Swardt

Maybe love isn’t love,

Without its courtly pretentions

Its false affections

And its poetry of half-hollow


Maybe love isn’t love,

Without us isolating ourselves into


Loneliness and wandering, who


Making myself into less than you —

our unequal shares.

Maybe love isn’t love,

Without the self-immolation

And without a little pain and


Pushing us away from love’s own —

a promise of salvation.

Maybe love is love

— And all that isn’t still.




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