Madiba: the freedom years

Where were you on 11 February 1990, when Nelson Mandela was freed after serving a prison sentence of 27 years?

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Fetisjisme: pyn en plesier

Dalk moet jy net keer of jy duik oor jou bank en lek jou dosent se enkels as sy die dag Crocs dra, of miskien klop jou hart vinniger as jy ‘n jottir op ‘n trotse Knol se kop sien. Dalk het jy selfs gister ‘n oogklap of ‘n sweep by jou bedagsame Valentyn gekry. Met dié dat Perdeby immers jou steek vir die week is, kyk ons vandeesweek nader na fetisjisme, fetisjistiese objekte en wat hierdie volksvreemde woord presies beteken.

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Love in the time of Twilight

The time around Valentine’s Day is a silly season ripe with roses, teddy bears and heart-shaped … well, heart-shaped everything. It is a day on which to celebrate love. And what embodies that idea better than the latest teen craze sensation, the Twilight Saga: the romantic story of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s great love which has recently been enthralling book lovers and movie audiences alike?

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The Top Ten

Adore them or abhor them, we’ve all either used a pick-up line, or had one (mis)used on us. And you have to admit, whether they work or not, there are a few cute ones, a few original ones and many, many cheesy ones that just make you laugh. In honour of this cheese, since we all know that sometimes a little bit of cheese is a good thing, this week Perdeby presents:

The Top Ten cheesiest pick-up lines

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Death Like Potatoes

Hierdie week wonder Henali Kuit oor Valentynsdag kaartjies en liefde

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