Student sex stigma


In 1991, the Hip-Hop group Salt-N-Pepa released the chart topping single “Let’s talk about sex”, a song that essentially addresses the positive and negative aspects of sex in an age where people find it taboo to openly talk about sex. The song, which was alternatively released as “Let’s talk about AIDS”, was released with the purpose of removing the negative stigma that is attached to talking about sex. Twenty-six years later this stigma still exists.

In a university environment, there is a great need for students to openly talk about sex, specifically about the risk of unplanned pregnancies, the spread of HIV and other STIs, while learning how to handle certain situations. Robyn Luck, counselling and training manager at the Centre for Sexuality, AIDS, and Gender (CSA&G), shared her views on why there is a stigma towards sex: “I think there’s this idea that if you talk about sex then you’re promoting it, and that’s not what we’re doing. People are having sex whether we like it or not, and if they’re doing it, they must do it safely”.

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Cheating explained


Cheating is defined by some as having sex with someone else while in a relationship, while others define cheating as sending a flirty text message to anyone other than your partner. Although individuals define cheating differently, Sandra Brownrigg, who specialises in couples counselling and graduated with an MA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pretoria, says that the most common definition is “to be in a committed monogamous relationship where one of the parties has some form of relationship or liaisons with a third person.”

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Discussing rape: breaking the taboo


Rape is not only a crime, but a culture that continues to exist through society’s knowing or unknowing perpetuation of it. However, when it comes to addressing the very real topic of rape itself, it is seen as taboo. Perdeby sat down with two UP student activists, Caroline Letsoalo, a second-year LLB student, and Refiloe Mofokeng, a third-year BA Law student, to discuss rape, rape culture, consent, and activism.

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Organ donation: life goes on


Organ donation often goes unthought of until the need for an organ becomes an issue in a person’s life. The subject has been brought to light after the death of Ludi Vink, a 30-year-old man who was stabbed to death with a pool cue when he tried to break up a bar fight at Mitzy’s Biker Pub in Alberton on 21 February.

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Animal testing: beneficial or bad?


Animal testing is a controversial topic that has provoked continuous debate for many years. Various institutions, from universities to pharmaceutical companies, conduct tests on animals to assess the safety and effectiveness of products. 24 April marks World Day for Laboratory Animals and it is important to understand exactly what animal testing entails.

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