Major metropoles experience changes in local governance

Many major metropolitan areas in South Africa will experience a change in local governance after the outcome of the 2016 local governance elections. The ANC, which received 55.68% of the votes nationally, lost governance of Tshwane, Johannesburg, and Nelson Mandela Bay. The DA only received 24.57% of votes nationally. Coming third in the national tally were the EFF, who received 8.31% of the national votes.

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Diversity, discrimination, and determination in Rio


“A New World”, the official slogan for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games where more than 10 000 athletes competed representing 206 countries. The official slogan for the games served to highlight the diversity present at this year’s games, celebrating the mixture of body types, skin colours and sexual orientations prese

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Former UP student in top 25 of Mr SA pageant

Former UP student Buntu Majaja has reached the Top 25 round of the Mr South Africa competition. Majaja holds a degree in chemical engineering and is currently studying business administration part-time at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) while working full time as a management consultant with a global management firm. Perdeby spoke to Majaja, who discussed his participation in the Mr South Africa pageant and the journey so far.

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HIV/AIDS linked to blessers

The term “blesser” has been popularised in recent months and it has a range of meanings, from a wealthy individual, to a young “sugar-daddy” that could provide anything from airtime to luxury items or an allowance. The term “blesser” can be used interchangeably with the term “sugar-daddy”, older men who have been known to prey on school-going teenage girls and students, exchanging money and other goods for sex. ”Blessing” is not limited to these transactional relationships between older men and younger women; young men can also be blessed older men or older women. On social media, wealthy men proudly proclaim themselves as blessers to highlight their wealth and increase their social status, while “blessees” proudly admit that they are the recipients of benefits from blessers, also as a means of increasing their social status.

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SA helps with study of fantastic fossils


The most complete fossil ever discovered of Heterodontosaurus tucki, a small herbivorous dinosaur that lived during the Jurassic period, was found in a stream bed on a farm in the Eastern Cape. The dinosaur that roamed the Earth 200 million years ago was found in January 2009 by renowned local palaeontologist Dr Billy de Klerk. Seven years later, at the end of July this year, the fossil travelled across the world to be studied further.

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