Zombies in Pride and Prejudice?

The living dead – decaying, flesh-eating, corpses attacking and killing helpless people … not exactly compatible with one of English literature’s most celebrated love stories.

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Public Enemies

No-one could catch him and no jail could hold him. His name was Johnny Dillinger, notorious bank robber and America’s Most Wanted during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Described as Public Enemy Number One, Dillinger and sidekick gangsters Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd caused the Feds to declare America’s first national “War on Crime”.

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Sailing to the beats of Captain Stu

Generally known as one of the best unsigned bands in South Africa, Cape Town-based Captain Stu is eagerly promoting its new album, The Adventures of Captain Stu. The band’s alternative urban sound is saturated with an eclectic mix of ska, rock and reggae. Incorporating these various influences into their music, Captain Stu is a five member group of dedicated musicians with loyal, country-wide fan base.

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Drama, drama, drama…

Krêkvars 2009 has arrived! This year looks set to be bigger and better than ever before. The festival, hosted annually by the Drama Department at Tuks, is in its ninth year...

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Cowboys and Crooks: Chatting to The Pretty Blue Guns

The Pretty Blue Guns recently launched their debut full-length album Cutting Heads. The Guns formed during a high school Battle of the Bands competition, and two years on these guys are rocking the country with their “gritty blues rock”. Perdeby had a chat with André Leo, guitarist and vocalist.

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