No controller needed

Project Natal, Microsoft’s hottest addition to the Xbox 360 family, has revolutionised the world of gaming as we know it. The new videogame console has upped the Wii, creating a world where you are the controller and the only experience you need is life experience.

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District 9: Not just another Apartheid movie

What do you get when you mix an authentic South African film with an American production budget?

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Tukkie Stukkie

And (drum roll, please!) this week’s hottest hunk on campus is the incredibly handsome, charmingly dimpled, son of the Golden city.

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Drop dead gorgeous

Is it just Perdeby or is there a ‘Heath’ wave? This week we feature a man whose life we can sum up in three words… untimely, sexy and mysterious.

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Kiss me baby

“You may now kiss the bride” is a rather common line expected and accepted in most traditional Western marriage ceremonies. And it is not only the bride and groom that look forward to concluding the ceremony with ‘the kiss’; the guests also look forward to this magical moment.

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