Kiss me baby

“You may now kiss the bride” is a rather common line expected and accepted in most traditional Western marriage ceremonies. And it is not only the bride and groom that look forward to concluding the ceremony with ‘the kiss’; the guests also look forward to this magical moment.

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Smoorverlief OppiKoppi

“I don’t want to get lucky, I just want to get f*cked!”

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Potter, Harry Potter

Once in a while, two words are whispered - they race across continents; unstoppable and relentless. Just two words, two magic words… Harry Potter. There are those in the world who ignore crazes such as Harry Potter.

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Feel good in a world of beautiful music

Some people say that music is the essence of life. It is like a river that, after having captured your ear, bursts into little streams of pleasure.

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The Ultimate Battle is on once again

The annual Durex Ultimate Battle is back in full swing. Over a 100 bands nationwide are fighting for the glory of the ultimate prize.

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