Lynnwood is Buzzing: Inside Four New Bars


If you have not been yet, you have at the very least seen the new bars that have opened along Lynnwood Road just across from the Hillcrest campus. This stretch is popularly said to be on the rise to become the new Square with four new establishments that have been opened since August this year. Upon visiting these bars and chatting with their owners, it is clear that each fulfils a unique role and caters to a specific market. Here is an inside look at these bars and what you can expect from them.

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Entertainment Bites 16 October 2017

Fokofpolisiekar’s Selfmedi­kasie is finally here

The Afrikaans hard rock band has hinted at this album release for months and it is finally here. The album was released on iTunes, Apple Music and in stores. Along with the highly anticipated album the band released a music video for their song “Dis in my bloed babe”. According to the press release, “Fokofpolisiekar tried to capture the spirit of the music that influenced them when they were teenagers”. Selfmedikasie was completely self-produced by funds raised with the band earlier this year and recorded in guitarist Johnny de Ridder’s recording studio.

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Oppi survival guide: all you need to know


Perdeby staff are preparing for Oppikoppi this year, getting our best mangos ready to go, and we have put together a list of advice from those brave few staff members who returned safely after last year’s Oppi, with things they can’t un-see to help you get back safely too.

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The dustbowl through the ages


Oppikoppi is a festival that has attracted rocklovers and camping fanatics since the first festival in 1994. The first few festivals mainly focused on rock music, but since then it has really developed into a more diverse festival, featuring a wide variety of music. This year Joey Badass will be one of the headlining artists, and this is a true testament of how the festival has transformed.

Valiant Swart has been an Oppi staple since the first festival. He has performed at the festival more than any other musical act.

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Life after Game of Thrones: Knees were bent, debts were paid. What now?

Discretion is advised: the following article may contain spoilers


Most people have found themselves at a loss since the conclusion of the seventh season of HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones. So as a necessary public service, Perdeby decided to gently guide its readers back to reality.

The fewer episodes in season seven, in comparison to past seasons, still managed to pack in epic spectacles and even an Ed Sheeran cameo.

One method of dealing with GoT withdrawal symptoms is to indulge in the many theories the internet has to offer regarding the show. One of these theories entertains the notion that the entire series is a metaphor for global warming, while another speculates that GoT is set in the future world of Lord of the Rings. A more plausible and increasingly popular theory is that Bran, who has the ability to reach into the past, was the voice that inspired the Mad King’s insanity and his command to “burn them all”.

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