Meet UP’s musical sensation Millicent


Millicent Chimonyo is a UP alumna, who studied Business Management, and is now following her passion for singing while trying to establish her brand in the music industry.


For the readers who don’t know who Millicent is, could you please give them a brief introduction?

I am Zimbabwean. My totem is a lioness, that is why I chose it to be the name for my brand. I identify a lot with the lioness because I am a go-getter, I am ambitious and whatever I set my mind to, I go get it. I am building my brand from scratch, which has been a fulfilling journey. I love theatre, music, dancing, performing arts, anything artistic speaks to me.

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Entertainment Bites 28 August 2017

Stasis makes Rocking the Daisies Top 12
The alternative rock band, made up of five UP students, entered the #ROCKTHEDAISIES contest earlier this month. This contest allows the public to vote on which bands they would like to see perform at the music festival later this year. Stasis made the Top 12 but unfortunately fell out in the next round. Go to the Stasis Facebook page to see when this talented group of musicians has their next live performance.

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Knowing Me, Knowing You


On Thursday 10 August the Rockwood Theatre had its official media opening of Knowing Me, Knowing You. The show exhibited a collection of hit songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. The Rockwood Theatre, formerly known as the Pretoria Barnyard Theatre, is newly furnished and offers a beautiful fusion between rustic and contemporary styles. In the actual theatre the seating arrangement consists of tables facing the stage, creating a relaxed and friendly space by allowing people to socialise and order delicious food and drinks during the performance. However, the Rockwood Theatre has more to boast than just its revamped venue.

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Simphiwe Petros: Living life UnPlugged and InCharge


Simphiwe Petros, a former UP student is a radio personality and a speaker coach. He did his Honours in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and is currently a radio personality. In terms of the drastic change, Petros says that he has always been passionate about media and he isn’t going to let what he studied define him. So he pursued his passion and ended up on radio, hosting a show called Unplugged and InCharge on Cliff Central.

In November 2016 he spoke at TEDxPretoria about his radio show and the motivation behind it; to inspire others not to accept their circumstances and help them realise that they have the responsibility and ability to become whatever they want to be. He wants people to know that they have the power and choice to create the future they desire. Petros says a big fear of university students is public speaking and most people avoid it all costs, so he started the Leave Your Mark (LYM) Academy to help people overcome their fear of public speaking. Being a part of the academy will mean you get to learn a wide variety of skills that focus on enabling you to overcome your discomfort and build confidence as a speaker.

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Writing competition: Defying Normal

Perdeby ran a writing competition for the 14 August Literature edition. The theme for the competition was "Defying Normal" and was set in the context of constantly questioning what is considered "normal" and why that norm gets privileged over other ways of being. 

Perdeby received many entries, but narrowed the entries down to the top three. This process was based on language, creativity and relevance to the theme.

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