A guide for the party-shy: the introvert’s Pretoria


If a thumping Thursday night at Tennessee has you rolling your eyes in despair and you just don’t have any more series to binge-watch, Perdeby’s introvert’s guide to Pretoria might just be what you need to plan your next day out. Contrary to popular belief, Pretoria has more to offer the brave students outside of the dungeons of Aandklas.


Hazel Food Market

A delicious taste adventure lies in store for anyone who visits the Hazel Food Market. There are a wide variety of food stalls set up, ready to cater to any palate and a wide range of desserts that will certainly satisfy any sweet tooth. If you aren’t hungry, stop by one of the many drink stalls offering goodies from home-brewed ice teas to vitamin rich organic smoothies. Don’t forget to visit the craft stalls and pick up a trinket or two. The Hazel Food Market happens every Saturday from 08:00 until 14:00 at the Green Village Centre in Menlo Park.

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Ready, set, snap: apps to bring out the photographer in you


Photography is art and requires a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge. For those out there that don’t have that skill or knowledge there are smartphone apps (other than Instagram) that let us pretend.

PhotoBuddy (IOS) and Photo Tools Pro (Android) are apps that provide exposure and depth of field calculators. These apps allow you to change the depth of field or exposure time of the picture to create professional landscape, macro and even wildlife pictures.

LongExpo (IOS) is an app that creates beautiful long-exposure pictures, which makes it perfect for capturing the rush of a waterfall or the taillights of cars on a highway.

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SA’s Dino Batista comes second in Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge

South African mixology legend Dino Batista recently represented his home country at the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge, taking second place overall. Perdeby spoke to Batista about his achievement.


How did you prepare for the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge?

[I developed] cocktails [and worked] out flavours, develop[ed] a story that’s linked to Angostura, Trinidad and South Africa. And practice, practice, practice – and a lot of drinking [laughs].

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HitRECord: collaborate with the world


Many people dream of pursuing a career in the arts, but once they have written their first book, script, poem or taken a series of photographs or even put together a short film, they often wonder who to show it to, who can advise them and, most importantly, how can they start making money from their art.

This is exactly what HitRECord is all about. HitRECord is an online collaboration platform headed by actor and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his brother Daniel. The company has a website and mobile app which runs similar to a social media platform. Members can upload their work, which can then be used by other members in collaborative pieces or even just to get feedback from like-minded people. The company caters for a wide variety of art, from music to painting and everything in-between. The best part is that any money made from your art will be paid back to you if it is used by HitRECord in any of their projects. People can post challenges, sometimes from Gordon-Levitt himself, for missing pieces of projects that need to be finished. This mostly involves editing and sound mixing, but can extend to missing sections of the project or parts of compilations that the company is putting together.

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Fiësta awards honour the arts

On Thursday, 18 February, the annual KykNet Fiësta awards celebrated its sixth instalment. The Fiëstas celebrate and acknowledge various stage productions that are performed at festivals such as the KKNK (Klein Karoo National Arts Festival) and Aardklop, while also rewarding heavyweights in the drama and music industries for their contributions. Recipients of these Lifetime Achievement awards went to dramatist Pieter Fourie, musician Ronnie Samaai and actress Lida Botha.
The evening’s hosts were actor and comedian Pierre Breytenbach and veteran actress June van Merch. They were joined by guest hosts such as actress Leandie du Randt and radio and TV personality Rozanne McKenzie.
Productions and performers who received awards during the evening included Stian Bam (best actor), Tinarie van Wyk Loots (best actress), Marlo Minnaar in the production Santa Gamka (best acting in a solo performance) and Nathani Lüneburg for her visual arts presentation at the KKNK. The award for most popular festival went to Innibos, with other nominees including the University of Stellenbosch’s Woordfees, Aardklop, KKNK and Oppikoppi.

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