St. Lorient presents “Untitled”


Untitled” is a vibrant and exciting new group exhibition that can be seen at The Viewing Room at St. Lorient Fashion and Art Gallery.

This display showcases Pretoria-based artists Neo Mahlangu and Ilandi Barkuizen, as well as sculptors such as Jana Schilling, who specialises in ceramic works, and Simon Radebe who uses concrete for his masterpieces. Neo Mahlangu comments on society with her charcoal and watercolour paintings. She incorporates scenes of poverty with social media icons to create pieces that make you think, such as her piece “Can I go a day without it?”. The piece shows a boy holding out an empty bowl while a ‘Facebook-like’ icon falls from the sky like a water droplet. This begs the question: can we go a day without social media while some people go days without nourishment?

Liandi Barkhuizen and Palesa Mokwena took important issues and created art, with abuse and feminism as inspiration. Barkhuizen depicts disturbing images of abuse and gore on circular paintings done with oil on pig leather. Her piece titled “Do you feel powerful now?” shows a woman who has been beaten. Her work is important, since violence against women and children is something that happens on a daily basis. Mokwena’s series Cosmos Existential Feminism is a presentation of how women are seen only as breeding machines by society. The utilisation of different mediums such as permanent markers, enamel paint and spray paint created this artist’s magical three painting series Hydromancy, which depicts humans as the immortal beings of the sea: jellyfish.

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Schalk Bezuidenhout’s one-man show: Voksbesit


Schalk Bezuidenhout has become a comedic household name in South Africa over the past few years. These days Bezuidenhout has been seen in Hotel and Jou Nuusminuut on Kyknet. His new one man stand-up show, Voksbesit, will be performed at the Atterbury Theatre from 15 to 17 June. Perdeby spoke to the comedian ahead of the Pretoria leg of his Voksbesit show.

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Franchising: The murder of originality


We were foolish to believe that Furious 7 would have actually managed to wrap up The Fast & The Furious franchise with their beautiful tribute to Paul Walker. Due to its Box Office triumph and with the praised reception of “See you again”, we were treated to The Fate of the Furious’s release in April. Although audiences claim to be annoyed at the exhausted plotlines and embellished drama in franchises like The Fast & The Furious and Transformers, they continue to make money. Because this trend is not as short-lived as we originally hoped, Perdeby decided to have a look at some respected movies that have fallen victim to Hollywood’s franchising trope.

Somehow Harrison Ford managed make archaeology look cooler than cool in Indiana Jones’ whip-cracking titular role. Then The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came along and united humanity against the travesty it turned out to be. The world unanimously agreed to forget this horror, but just as the scars started to disappear Ford revived his role as Han Solo in the very successful Star Wars sequel, The Force Awakens, in 2015. With the nostalgia pumping and the money flowing, Ford and Disney decided to team up again for another instalment in the Indiana Jones franchise, set to be released in 2019.

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Serrie in the hall: an insider view


Serrie is an age-old tradition at the University of Pretoria that gives UP residences an opportunity to showcase their talent, dedication and cultural identity. The entire event has been pushed back by a week, and although preparation time was not the reason for this, it would have come as a welcome relief to some. Serrie men’s prelims are taking place on 15 May and women’s the following evening. The Finals will be held on Friday, 19 May at Rembrandt Hall on LC De Villiers Sports campus. Tickets can be purchased online from 18 May for R90.

With the traditional enthusiasm surrounding the coming Serrie production, many questions and speculations arise with many people dying to know what the competition is going to look like this year. It is, however, also synonymous with secretive behaviour as themes, dance routines, song choices and the ‘wow’ factors, are kept as far from common knowledge as possible. Luckily, Perdeby got a behind the scenes preview of the Serrie performances and can give you some insight of what to expect on the night.

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A look back at Linkin Park


Since February, Linkin Park have released three singles: “Heavy”, “Battle symphony”, and “Good goodbye”. These three songs are the first to be released from their seventh stud io album, One More Light, which will be released on 19 May.

The band has received a lot of criticism and fans are concerned about the album. The tracks have a completely different sound to that of previous albums. Many fans do not enjoy this new sound, which is described as pop-like. Despite criticism, it works. It is unique and versatile. The vocals are powerful and typical of Linkin Park, as are the lyrics. Fans ha ve been thrown by drastic change, but are still keen to hear the album. To commemorate it, Perdeby took a look at the band’s evolution over the years.

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