Exploring the secret side of Hatfield Campus


The University of Pretoria is a big place and sometimes navigating your way through it can be challenging. Most students are satisfied knowing where their department building is and where their lectures are. They don’t know about the various places and events on campus that are designed to make life at UP a bit more fun.


Free Leo Haese Lunch Hour concerts

If you appreciate watching talented people make incredible music then the Lunch Hour concerts are definitely for you. These concerts were started to present world-class concerts annually on the campuses of the University of Pretoria with more than 25 free Leo Haese Lunch Hour concerts presented annually to afford promising Music students the opportunity to perform for a live audience. These concerts happen at the Aula, Musaion and Groenkloof Auditorium. This year you can expect performances by Tuks Camerata, Pretoria Boys High Dixie Band and Orchestra, UP’s Music department and many more.

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Oscars becomes a platform for transformation

The 2017 Awards season will be remembered for its amount of recognition for minority groups.

The Academy Awards, which has been known for its lack of diversity, transformed this season. The Academy attempted to diversify by adding a group of 683 brand new voters to their panel. On 26 February, the Oscars awarded more than three people of colour for the first time in 89 years. One of the winners was Mahershala Ali, who won for his supporting role in the film Moonlight. Ali is also the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar. Moonlight is the first LGBTQ-themed film to take home the coveted Best Picture award.

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Guide to museums you always walk past on campus

Are you in the mood for silence, culture, and air-conditioning? UP’s museums are ready and waiting.

Old Arts Building

Highlights of what’s inside: Ceramic collections from Asia and the Netherlands, the Mapungubwe exhibit that houses the gold rhino, Dutch paintings, a pirate’s treasure chest, a beautifully crafted marijuana jar, and a thousand-year-old shopping receipt from Mesopotamia. The museum has shabtis – small funerary figures of Ancient Egypt – that were found in a rubbish dump in South Africa. They were taken from Egypt in World War Two and are thought to have been brought here by Italian soldiers.

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The Boy Who Lived: 20 Years Later


2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the publishing of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first of seven instalments in the Harry Potter franchise. Since 1997, J.K. Rowling’s magical world has exploded and engulfed muggles. The fandom has been waiting with bated breath for this monumental anniversary.

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The Black Spears entertain Hatfield


Students and visitors at The Fields were treated to a surprise on 7 February when a band turned the walkway into a lively stage. The streets were filled with music and dance, engaging students and tourists in an unusual treat. Perdeby spoke to the man behind the hype, Simon Gabi and his band The Black Spears.

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