Welcome to the jungle: A guide


So, you have survived high school and you are starting a new incredible, life changing and scary journey at the University of Pretoria. Campus life can be very overwhelming, it is buzzing, big and you are always surrounded by crowds of people. Do not stress precious newcomers for Perdeby has compiled a Survival 101 guide for our concrete jungle.

Orientation week should cover most of the major lecture halls such as the Thuto building, Centenary building and the Engineering buildings. There are some lecture halls and venues that are so hidden you will need all the help you can get.

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Wardrobe guide for university


Now that first years are not bound to the monotony of school uniforms, Perdeby has elected to suggest recommended wardrobe essentials for the new comers. Before you invest in these essentials keep this in mind: do not blow your money on excessive amounts of clothes. You need not wear a different outfit every day, no one will remember what you wore yesterday anyway.


Invest in a good bag.

Bags should be practical. They will be used daily so the bag should be comfortable and durable. Neutral coloured bags (brown, black, or grey) are often more versatile and easier to pair with all items in your wardrobe.

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Entertainment Bites 27 January 2018

Lost&Found releases new album

The two piece alternative rock band from South Africa consists of Black Cat Bones drummer Jason Oosthuizen and The Parlatones pianist Glenn Hodgson. Their self titled debut album dropped in 2016 and earned the duo a South African Music Award nomination. Snakes & Ladders was released on 19 January after an eleven month writing process. In the official press release for the album Jason Oosthuizen says that they really enjoy making music to­gether and describes the album as more “dirty rock ‘n roll” as apposed to their more acoustic first album.

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Entertainment Bites 23 October 2017

‘The suitcase’ opens at the Market Theatre

After a successful six-week tour in the UK, “The Suitcase” is set to run at the Market Theatre from 20 October to 26 November. South African writer Es’kia Mphahlele wrote the original short story that has now been adapted for the stage by director James Ngcobo. The play features actors Desmond Dube, Masasa Mbangeni (Thembeka from “Scandal!”), Siyabonga Twala, John Lata and Nokukhanya Dlamini,

Set in 1950’s Sophiatown, the play tells the story of a young black couple that dreams of wealth and social upstanding. Together they leave for the city and soon discover the hardships that come with city life. Unemployment, poverty and the pressures of city life become too much for the young husband who must struggle to provide for his pregnant wife. One day on a bus, he steals an unattended suitcase. The stolen suitcase soon leads to dramatic twists and consequences.

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How to Halloween on a ghostly budget

With Halloween being the last hoorah before exams start there is a temptation to go all out before getting behind the books. But your bank balance might look dreary as it seems like you have more year than money left. That is why Perdeby took the liberty of showing you how you can still make this Halloween one for the books, but on a budget.
Let us kick things off for those who do not actually care about the ghosts or ghouls, and only use Halloween as an excuse to play dress-up. Unfortunately, most party stores ridiculously overcharge for costumes and flimsy props, regardless of the subpar quality. But do not fret or fear, because Perdeby has your back. We took a look at a number of go-to looks for this season that can be pulled off by simply cleaning out your cupboard and adding a few minor details.
Ladies, if you love Disney but you are not feeling the princess vibe this year, you can transform yourself into Darla from Finding Nemo with just a bag of water, a fake fish, pigtails and DIY braces madeform craft wire. Also, if you want the perfect excuse to be late you can go as Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit by pairing a white dress with a red blazer, and of course, bunny ears. For an extratouch you can add a blue bow and a pocket watch. If you want your costume to be more current simply wear your cutest outfit and add an elaborate flower crown, and so become a living Snapchat filter.

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