Nomadic Orchestra : Love at Last


When considering the ever growing spectrum of alternative music, the inclusion of home grown group Nomadic Orchestra goes without saying. This five-piece instrumental dance band met while studying jazz and classical music at the University of Cape Town.


The band is made up of Marlon Witbooi (drums), James McClure (trumpet), Joseph Bolton (tuba), Greg Abrahams (guitar) and Gabriel du Toit (tenor saxophone). The group’s influences range from aspects of south-eastern European traditional music to something akin to circus music, and this niche combination makes for  an almost burlesque feel to the album.

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Eat local locally: have an African culinary experience


Africa has a rich variety of foods that can be hard to find among the fast-food outlets that are familiar to most. Luckily, Pretoria has a diverse array of restaurants showcasing the vibrant cuisines of Africa.


Oppi Plaas Restaurant

Whether you come here to watch the big game, have a round of sundowners or Sunday morning breakfast, Oppi Plaas Restaurant in Waverley is sure to give you a traditional Afrikaans culinary experience. The restaurant is mostly outdoors with a pub area serving local beers and everybody’s favourite pub and grill menu items. Oppi Plaas is always busy and has a friendly and social atmosphere.

However, to have the true Oppi Plaas experience, Sunday morning breakfast with pap en kaiings (pap served with crispy pork crackling) or skilpadjies (traditional lamb’s liver wrapped in caul fat) and eggs is a must.

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Converse store opens in Menlyn mall


Whether you prefer to call them Converse, All-Stars, Chucks or even Chuck Taylors, we can all agree that these shoes, once developed as basketball sneakers, have made their way into the wardrobes and hearts of many people.

For too long have fans had to travel far to get their hands on an authentic pair of these beauties but now Converse South Africa has decided to fulfil the needs of Pretoria residents by opening a store that is closer to home.

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Lisa Goldin sets the music scene ablaze with “My fire”


Lisa Goldin is one of the most exciting new pop acts to come out of South Africa, opening for big names such as Ed Sheeran and Barbara Tucker. Perdeby spoke to her to hear how her latest single “My fire” has been received.


You recently released your new single “My fire”. How successful have you found it to be?

Well, my social media is fire-hot with a positive buzz. I am so thankful for the amazing response from fans, radio and press.

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These milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard


Kelis’s milkshake may bring the boys to the yard, but these shakes bring heaven to earth. With exotic combinations of flavours and crazy names, these milkshakes can be considered some of the “must try items” in and around Pretoria.

The blueberry meringue swirl milkshake contains a decent swirl of blueberry syrup, sweetened milk and ice cream, topped with whipped cream and two rippled meringue puffs. Mugg & Bean offers this and more from their delicious, albeit small, milkshake menu.

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