UP Ovuma Dzivamisoko Concert


On 29 April, UP Ovuwa hosted the Dzivamisoko Concert dedicated to Freedom Day. The concert was held at the University of Pretoria’s Musaion Theatre. The concert was a continuation of their lunch hour concert, which took the audience through the story of uMandulo, which means September in isiZulu. The use of this story in the concert was to encourage and rejuvenate the audience in the face of their respective difficulties in every sphere of their lives.

uMandulo is a story set at a village that is going through a drought and facing severe famine. The only way to save the village is through the blessings of heavy rain, which are promised to come with the birth of the queen’s son, uMandulo. The concert follows the life of uMandulo, from his birth, to his days of going through initiation, to taking a wife. Through poetry, dance and song, the concert was impeccably directed and the show embodied our diverse country.

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UP Arts Week


STUKU hosted UP Arts week from 24 to 26 April. Shows took place on three evenings in the Aula Theatre in which performers selected during an audition process got to showcase their talent in song, dance, or poetry. The event was run successfully and was filled with genuine displays of artistic ability that echo the diversity, political inclination and interests of the UP student body.

The first night’s event was dance and poetry, where the performances of six dancers and five poets were showcased. Each brought a unique and entertaining presentation of their art and this wonderfully displayed the expression that exists on our campuses. From lighting to sound to content, the entire event was executed professionally and made for a night that was greatly enjoyed by all who attended.

Tuks Idols took place on 25 April, with acts ranging from different genres of local to international music. This night was a replica of the show Idols, with contestants showcasing their singing capabilities to the judges. A few contestants fell victim to stage fright, but luckily the audience was encouraging and motivated them to sing. The top three artists for the night were Siphosethu Magagula in third place, Angelica Vieira in second place, and Thobeka Mhlongo in first place.

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X-Raymond presents Street Couture


X-Raymond is not just another label, for Wakhe Shongwe and Kelza Mkhize, it’s a dream come true. The duo, who appeared on the reality TV show, The Hustle, came up with the fashion brand when they were in high school and decided to launch their brand after they matriculated in 2014.

Mkhize, who is an Architecture student and part of the youth choir at UP, and Shongwe, who studies Economics at the University of the Free State, started the brand with the idea of bringing streetwear to teens in ways that can reflect who they are. They wanted to design something that was not only trendy but also exclusive. Mkhize and Shongwe describe their style as abstract streetwear and credit Kanye West and Jeremy Scott as their style icons.

This year the pair decided to embark on their first fashion show, called Street Couture, to exhibit the type of fashion that X-Raymond has to offer. The event, which was held on 6 May at Capello in Newtown, featured other upcoming brands who also wish to make a mark on the fashion industry. The fashion show brought together a diverse crowd, introduced a new culture of abstract fashion to South Africa, and featured artists such as Frank Casino.

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Semester blues motivational movies


Semester tests are upon us and either motivation is nowhere to be found, or hidden under the stress. Perdeby compiled a list of movies to help motivate you.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This is a powerful story of how we can face adversity and actually come out better for it. A real-life tale of Chris Gardner (Will Smith), who, through hard work and perseverance, takes himself from sleeping on the subway to being a millionaire. When you are losing hope over a course, this movie will remind you that anything is possible if you put in the work.

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Loyiso Tyobeka’s Autumn empire


The word “autumn” may just mean a season to most, but for 21-year-old Loyiso Tyobeka it’s an empire. Loyiso Tyobeka, who is the owner of Autumn 95, started his own videography company in 2014. At first it was just a hobby between friends who shared a love for music, but after a while Loyiso’s passion for film-making grew into something much bigger. In February 2017, Loyiso took control of the company with the aim to rebrand the notion of film-making for young directors everywhere. His inspiration for film-making was sparked by his desire for creativity and innovation.

When asked about how he came up with the name Autumn 95 he said, “Apart for my love for the season, I love the fact that in autumn the leaves fall from the trees, and it allows us to interpret them as they fall on the ground. It gives people an opportunity to see the true beauty in things, raw and unscripted. And that’s what I want to reflect in my work. I want people to see the true beauty in the work, and to let the work speak for itself”.

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