UP brews brilliant beer


UP has a successful microbrewery that has consistently won awards at the annual intervarsity microbrewery competition hosed by South African Breweries (SAB). This year the competition took place from 9-11 September. Perdeby spoke to Carl Sandrock, a senior chemical engineering lecturer and part of the team that runs the microbrewery, about the origins of the microbrewery, the relationship between chemical engineering and brewing beer, and how the intervarsity microbrewing competition works. Since the inception of the competition in 2008, UP has won at least one prize every year.

Sandrock said that the original brewery was built using funds donated by SAB and was built by Prof. Mike Heydenrych of the Department of Chemical Engineering, along with Lawrence Comrade from Draymons’s Brewery. SAB donated about R30 000, which was “just to get the brewery going”, said Sandrock.

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How to spring when your bank balance doesn’t bling


If you are anything like the current temperatures in Pretoria, then you didn’t get the memo that spring will have sprung on 7 September. Perhaps you don’t want to spend your Spring Day with the rest of the student population, or maybe your bank balance is as empty as Springboks on a Tuesday night, but fear not, because help is on the way. Whatever your cup of tea, there is something out there for you.

If you usually spend your days cooped up in a student flat, then you might want to visit Pretoria’s National Botanical Gardens. The entrance fee will set you back R30 (or R18 on the presentation of a valid student card). All you need to bring along is a blanket, some snacks and a camera to capture your Spring Day memories. Just remember to clean up your picnic site before you head home. No one likes a litter bug.

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Pretoria’s culture cultivators


If you find yourself in want of something more than a Rattata or Pidgey, then you will be glad to know that Pretoria has more to offer than lures and Pokéstops.

On Sundays Aandklas offers half price on all pizzas on their menu and full price quality entertainment. Open mic night takes place at the main bar where each participant gets a 30-minute slot to take to the stage with a setlist of their choice. The event is free of charge and solo artists and bands are both welcome.

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Archie and the gang set to hit the silver screen in Riverdale


Riverdale is an upcoming live-action TV series based on the Archie comics’ characters. Characters such as Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge are to make appearances in the TV show. The TV show is part of the 75th anniversary celebration plans laid out by Archie Comic Publications.

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How to rave and still behave


Amid the excitement and anticipation that always surrounds something like Oppikoppi, there are plenty of opportunities for sharp-eyed and quick-fingered thieves to get their hands on what you have packed in your bag. However, staying safe at Oppi is definitely easier than getting the dust out of everything you own when you get back.

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