Life after Game of Thrones: Knees were bent, debts were paid. What now?

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Most people have found themselves at a loss since the conclusion of the seventh season of HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones. So as a necessary public service, Perdeby decided to gently guide its readers back to reality.

The fewer episodes in season seven, in comparison to past seasons, still managed to pack in epic spectacles and even an Ed Sheeran cameo.

One method of dealing with GoT withdrawal symptoms is to indulge in the many theories the internet has to offer regarding the show. One of these theories entertains the notion that the entire series is a metaphor for global warming, while another speculates that GoT is set in the future world of Lord of the Rings. A more plausible and increasingly popular theory is that Bran, who has the ability to reach into the past, was the voice that inspired the Mad King’s insanity and his command to “burn them all”.

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The state of the South African film industry


The South African Film Industry (SAFI) contributed R3.5 billion towards the country’s GDP in 2012 and is estimated to be growing at an annual rate of 14%, as shown by the South African Film Industry Economic Baseline Study Report done by the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF). With this growth and development the question that needs to be asked and addressed is why South African film and television is still overshadowed by foreign film and television alternatives.

Our complex history makes it an important factor in assessing this topic. Carefully assessing the growth compared to the attitudes and the experience from within the industry, draws our to attention how the past has shaped South African society in regard to film and television consumption.

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Lentedag 2017: the authentic Springday


On 13 September students from the University of Pretoria were given the day off and hordes of students climbed on busses making their way to the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens for the annual celebration of Lentedag. This year’s annual springday celebration saw students come from far and wide to enjoy their day off by listening to great music, meeting up with friends and having some good food and drinks.

This year’s Lentedag boasted a diverse line-up that either supplied background melodies for those lazing under gazebos with friends or had the fists pumping of those that fully embracing the biggest day long festival in Pretoria. The day consisted of fourteen musical acts spread over three stages, a beer pong Olympics area, multiple cash bars and a games area.

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Death Note: A Netflix Original film


Netflix released Death Note on 25 August. The film, directed by Adam Wingard, is an adaption of the anime series Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The Netflix film stars Nat Wolff as Light Turner, Keith Stanfield, as the famous detective known only by his alias L, and William Dafoe as the voice of Ryuk, the death god. Death Note is a story that revolves around a mystical notebook, death note, that has deadly powers. The notebook is discovered by Light and he learns about its abilities. The death note gives Light the ability to kill anyone he wishes simply by writing their name within the notebook’s pages.

The anime series follows the daily life of the student vigilante and his journey in ridding society of its degenerates. Light chooses to use the death note to target and kill criminals that have committed atrocious crimes. Obviously all of this could not be captured in the hour and forty minute Netflix film, which got a meager rating of 4.7 out of ten on IMDb.

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Entertainment Bites 11 September 2017

The DStvMzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards

On 26 August the annual DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards took place at the Sandton International Convention Centre, hosted by Bonang Matheba. Over one million votes were cast for the 50 nominees, separated into ten categories.

The Our Perfect Wedding presenter, Thembisa Mdoda, walked away with the award for South Africa’s Favourite Television Presenter. Themba Ndaba and Vatiswa Ndara won the awards for Favourite Actor and Actress respectively. Other categories include Favourite Comedian, won by rising star, Summary Wa Lehetla, and Favourite DJ which was won by the much loved Black Coffee.

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