Five Things to do on the 14th if you hate Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day – the ‘most romantic day in the world’. However popular this opinion may be, many people disagree. Many people would rather forget the existence of this day. For those of you who fall into the latter, here are five things to do to avoid Valentine's Day:

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West Side Story Johannesburg Theatre


If musical theatre is where talent meets magic, then Johannesburg Theatre’s production of West Side Story is no exception. This classic is a modern-day take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, following the lives of star-crossed lovers Tony and Maria whose love must conquer their racially divided gangs, the New York “Jets” and Puerto Rican “Sharks”.

In 2015 West Side Story was performed at The Fugard Theatre in Cape Town and its success is what drove it to the Johannesburg Theatre. Not falling short of any expectation, the singing and dancing was perfectly polished. The two leads gave convincing and sincere performances and their exceptional voices filled the theatre with awe.

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Lockdown lives up to anticipation


Lockdown is a local prison drama that debuted on 9 January and takes place in the fictional prison, Thabazimbi Women’s Correctional Service. The highly anticipated show is currently on its fifth episode. Standing out for its all-star female cast and original concept, Lockdown is living up to the anticipation it generated.

The storyline is centred around two conflicting characters. The first is the maternal figure, Ma Z (Dawn Thandeka King), whose only goal is to leave prison to be a good mother to the daughter she left behind. Holding onto the possibility of early release on the basis of good behaviour, Ma Z leads the other inmates with a controlled and subtle hand, but is not beyond manipulation. The second central character is Tyson (Lorcia Cooper), a tough and intimidating boxer. Contrasting to Ma Z, Tyson has a powerful personality that allows her to get what she wants within the confines of the prison. Regardless, both women are restricted to their own territories to avoid confrontation.

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Awards season 2017


The 89th annual Academy Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on 28 February, will mark the end of the 2016/2017 awards season.

The most nominated film this year is La La Land with a staggering 14 nominations which include the coveted Best Picture nomination. The 2002 film Chicago was the last musical to win in this category. La La Land’s lead actors, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, received nominations for their roles as Mia and Sebastian. Stone and Gosling won Golden Globes on 8 January for Best Lead Actress and Actor respectively. The 74th Golden Globes also awarded La La Land the prestigious title of Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture. However, La La Land now must compete with other award-winning films such as Fences, Hacksaw Ridge and Moonlight for the Best Picture award at the Oscars.

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First year food guide


Hatfield has many hidden food joints that serve great local foods for students at student prices. Make sure to remember these places when looking for a quick bite around campus.

Sphatlo Zone

This is a small sphatlo vendor adjacent to Hubbly Café, and opposite The Fields. If you have never had one before, sphatlo is a great way to stave off the hunger after a long day on campus. It consists of a quarter loaf of bread filled with fresh chips and other fillings of your choice. Sphatlo or a kota is an essential experience for students. At only R18 the Russian, polony, egg and atchar sphatlo is a definite must-try.

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