Pretending your way through poetry


There are times when at a poetry session you may have little to no idea what is being said between two poets. Here are a few tips and tricks to use in order to enter a conversation about poetry.

One of the most important skills needed in order to engage with someone who is poetically inclined is to listen very closely, pick up key words and remember them. Decipher them and use them to your advantage. When asked a question, refer to your bank of stored key words and formulate a coherent answer around two or three of those key words.

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YouTube Heroes met with backlash


On 20 September 2016, Youtube uploaded a video to the website that outlined the features of its new update in an attempt to make the video-sharing platform a fun and friendly environment for both content creators and their audiences. This new update is called Youtube Heroes and although the heads of Youtube intended for this update to fix some of the problems relating to offensive comments and content that Youtube faces, the video and the update have both received an overwhelming negative response from content creators who believe that this is ultimately the result of Youtube’s management not listening and engaging with its content creators.

The main point of Youtube Heroes is simple. It is a program that aims to reward volunteers who create the best Youtube experience for everyone involved by flagging inappropriate videos, adding captions or subtitles to videos and sharing knowledge with other users on forums. Anyone can become a Youtube hero as long as they have a valid Youtube account and have signed up to be part of the program. Youtube Heroes employs a level system that sees users ranking from levels 1 to 5, with different rewards available at different levels, such as taking part in “hero” workshops, gaining the ability to mass-flag videos, and gaining access to Youtube updates before they are released.

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Best ice-cream parlours in Pretoria

Ice-cream season has finally arrived. When the temperature rises so does the desire for a cold and creamy treat. Try these amazing ice-cream parlours when the cravings are just too much to bear.

The most highly rated ice-cream parlour in Pretoria is Royal Danish Home Made Ice-cream, on the corner of Bernard Street and Gordon Road. This establishment has been serving traditional Danish ice cream in homemade cones for 26 years. Their creative flavours, such as Cherry Brandy and Mocha Almond Fudge, will haunt your taste buds. Ask for a drizzle of their famous caramel sauce for the full Royal Danish experience. They also serve retro classics like raspberry floats.

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Spring reads: turn over a new page


The trees are changing, the days are getting longer, and temperatures are rising. If you have been looking for the prime moment to initiate some kind of change or growth in your day to day journey, then grab this new season by the handlebars and jump into the pages of a new start with these South African essential reads.

Samantha Cowen, one of South Africa’s most established presenters in daytime radio, gives readers an introspective look into the progression of alcoholism and the struggle and stigma that follows. Whiskey into Water delivers a perspective on alcoholism from the inside out and humanises the struggle with addiction from diagnosis to recovery. The autobiography is a thrilling read that will encourage an improvement in health of both body and mind.

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Shanique Beauty Beautique opens in Brooklyn


Brand new to Brooklyn, Shanique Beauty Beautique is a peaceful and comfortable new salon on May Street. Officially open from 5 September, Shanique Beauty Beautique is managed by Shalini Sivlal, who is professional and welcoming.

The salon offers a variety of beauty treatments, including massages, waxes, tinting and nail treatments. They also offer male care packages that are designed to help with everything from skin to beards.

Sivlal prides herself on being a stockist of Kylie Lip Kits, as well as being the only Pretoria stockist of Huda cosmetics from London. Shanique Beauty Beautique is also the only salon that offers eyebrow microblading, a semi-permanent eyebrow make-up which is administered by a certified practitioner on Mondays and Fridays.

The salon is known for its “make-up parties”, which is a ladies’ night designed for testing make-up and socialising, as well as its frequent specials. Students customers of the salon will receive a 10% discount on all their treatments with the presentation of a student card.

Sivlal says she that she has already built up a good client base and is looking forward to welcoming new student customers to the salon.


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