Get to know Georgetown

Ricardo Teixeira

Perdeby met up with Georgetown ahead of Mieliepop.

Georgetown was formed in 2014, but how did you all get together and decide on making your beautiful music?
By stroke of luck, destiny, life, perseverance and the grapevine. We all met and developed a love for a genre of music we still struggle to categorize. 


With your debut album just having been launched, how does it feel to have a first product to deliver to your fans?
We released an EP in 2016 called Banana Jack, it was our first studio project and really nice, like a cup [of] tea. But when a band invests the time, soul and hardship to record a full album it’s a rewarding milestone you treasured for life. The Dog Show came out exactly as we envisioned. It feels great.


What was the inspiration for the album?
It’s inspired by dreams, fear, love and chaos. We like to call it a dog show


Having already performed quite a few shows in 2018, and having bookings all the way through to the end of April, what shows are you looking forward to?
We’ve got a lot of gigs lined up. Some of them are festivals, some are events, some are weddings, some are gonna be [***], some great. Looking forward to all of them, because it’s great to have gigs.

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Invizable heads to Mieliepop

Claudine Noppe

The Republic of Mieliepop festival is around the corner. Perdeby asked DJ Invizable some questions about Mieliepop before he heads to Lothair.


What makes playing a festival like Mieliepop different than other performances?
The opportunity to perform at such a prestigious festival with such an amazing list of fellow artists and at such an amazing location is an honour and a privilege. It is a responsibility to hold up South Africa’s multicultural identity with pride and professionalism.


What can fans expect from your Mieliepop performance?
To gooi mielies at full frequency with the acclaimed Dubmasta on the percussion and vocals. Our aim is to shake the hips and stomp the feet of the Mieliepoppers and to make a lasting impression on their ears and eyes.


Your new single, “iThongo Lam”, has been doing extremely well. What are you working on now?
There is a full album in the pipeline with two more singles which will be released during the course of 2018. The project is taking a diverse approach to content with a comic book and animation video currently in production.

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2Lani the Warrior ahead of Mieliepop




2Lani the Warrior has been on the South African music scene since 1997. This year the 2Lani will head to the Republic of Mieliepop to entice the crowds with his trademark ‘sweet’ house style and unique mixing style.

How do you keep the crowd engaged when playing a show?

By observing, listening and sensing.  I observe the movement of the crowd, I listen to their reaction when I play certain tracks and I sense the atmosphere and environment that we are all in.  I then use this to guide me in the direction that I should be going.  I always try to make each of my performances become an educational journey where new sounds are experienced. 

What is your favorite thing about playing at a festival like Mieliepop?

Festivals like Mielipop focus on the discovery of new music and sounds, which is what I try to share with my followers.  I also enjoy the atmosphere and playing in nature - it makes the experience more free.

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Five minutes with Julia Robert

Claudine Noppe

The Republic of Mieliepop festival is around the corner and the Cape Town based band Julia Robert is ready to head to Lothair for the serene four day festival. Perdeby spent five minutes with the band to ask them the important questions, about Mieliepop, their future plans and of course Julia Roberts, because you cannot interview a band named Julia Robert without bringing up the Pretty Women star.


What are you most looking forward to at Mieliepop?
Taking long hot showers (it’s been months) going on tour with our besties and of course, introducing the beautiful people of the north to Julia!


You have played at a myriad of venues, which has been your favorite?
It’d have to be where we played our first ever show. It was a Halloween party at a friend’s house on top of a hill. The crowd almost broke the floor in the living room during the performance, it was wild. On that night everyone fell in love with everyone, and it was as close to perfect as anything should get.

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How to become a citizen of the Republic of Mieliepop

Savannah Plaskitt

If you plan on becoming a proud citizen of the Republic of Mieliepop later this month here are a few things you need to know so that the only reshuffles in your life are the dancing kind. Below are step by step instructions on how to set up your cabinet and survive the motions of no confidence in the Republic of Mieliepop.

Step one: acquire your proof of residence. Unless you are booking into the Maizey Stray tent hotel you will need to bring your own tent. Your parents were right when they told you it’s best to eat your vegetables first. Drunken tent assembly is not recommended for those who do not wish to spend the night curled up on the grass. For the best camping experience be sure to also bring a sleeping bag, mattress, pillow, and other sleeping essentials.

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