Blood Brothers 2017: Chris van der Walt


Blood Brothers will see South Africa’s rock icons unite for one night only, this year in support of the Vrede Foundation. Ten of South Africa’s favourite rock icons will be collaborating to perform some of their greatest hits on one stage. The third annual Blood Brothers concert will take place on 30 September.

Perdeby caught up with Chris van der Walt, bassist for The Black Cat Bones, who will be part of this year’s group.

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Album Review: Monark - Monark


On 4 August Monark held a launch party for their second album at the Barnyard Theatre in Rivonia to celebrated the release of their second album selftitled Monark. The launch was a huge success, with opening act Ryki getting the crowd pumped with all the favourites. Monark’s performance was nothing short of excellent, leaving the crowd in absolute awe. They performed songs from both their albums. They got the crowd jumping with all their hits, especially when lead singer, Eugene Coetzer, jumped on one of the audience tables and began singing even more passionately.

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Album review: Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey


Lust for Life is Lana Del Rey’s fifth studio album, and is a dedication to her loyal supporters. She said that, “this one is for my fans and about where I hope we are all headed.” After much anticipation – since the release of “Love” in January 2017 – the album dropped on 21 July, and it quickly became evident that Del Rey was sincere about Lust for Life being for her fans as the album serves as a reminder of why she initially gained popularity.

As this album is the first to feature collaborations with guest artists, which among others include The Weeknd and A$AP Rocky, Del Rey is expanding her established diverse sound to an even bigger audience with the slightest tones of pop. The slow but warm music creates a nostalgic haze with just enough smooth electronic beats, to keep things current.

In Lust for Life Del Rey stays true to her post modern approach to music, while also proving that she is not afraid of experimenting outside her boundaries. Her lyrics continue to explore a faded and mythical Hollywood, with an overflow of American iconography. The vintage homage is extended with iconic pop culture references and a stylistic tribute to The Beatles in “Tomorrow Never Came” (featuring Sean Lennon).

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Meet The Lebowski


The Lebowski is a new band that has originated at UP. The band, which consists of Llewellyn Steyn, Kris Hamersma and Dylan Pietersen, was formed in July 2016. This indie-rock band played at the Mieliepop Festival, Arcade Empire, the Goodluck Bar, Railways, Rumours Lounge and Aandklas.

They have previously recorded three demos, and have recently released their four-track EP, Pretty Bland. The EP is a balance of indie and alternative rock. Perdeby sat down with The Lebowski for a quick Q and A. Here’s what they had to say.

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South Africa's one hit wonders (Retracted)

Perdeby retracted this article due to the headline being misleading and the content inaccurate and not what we consider to be newsworthy. We apologise for the mistake.

Perdeby strives to provide content that is informative, entertaining and accurate. 

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