Album Review: As You Were - Liam Gallagher


Liam Gallagher, the British Rock ‘n Roll legend and one half of Oasis, is back. Having left Oasis (and his older brother Noel) in 2009, he founded Beady Eye in the same year, but departed from the band in 2014. Now Liam has launched a solo career, with this debut studio album As You Were. Named after the sign off usually found at the end of his tweets, this BritPop combination of Alternative and Indie features 15 new singles, including “Wall of glass”, “Bold”, “Paper crown”, and “I’ve all I need”. “Wall of glass” starts off this album with a mix of blues, alternative and indie as we once more hear Liam’s signature erratic vocals, singing some lyrics possibly in reference to older brother Noel, their Mother and Liam himself.

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Album Review: Heaven Upside Down - Marilyn Manson


Marilyn Manson has kept fans waiting for his tenth album, initially suggesting a Valentine’s Day release in 2017. Eight months, several flashy Instagram videos and two singles later, Heaven Upside Down was released with a moody greyscale album cover that may have been inspired by Adele’s 25. The two pre-release singles, “We know where you f***ing live” and “Kill4Me”, are a definite departure from Manson’s 2015 album, The Pale Emperor, and have been noted as reminiscent of the work on Mechanical Animals (1998), along with the rest of the album. The video for “We know where you f***ing live” is pretty old-school Manson in its make-up of overt violence and subversive nuns bearing AK-47s, but its message of radical disruption, as captured in the lyrics “We’re gonna burn it down and when we’re done they won’t even recognise your corpse”, seems pertinent in the current US context. “Kill4Me” has been described as a love song and it is in its way, showing the seemingly alternative and pathological possibilities of love, in this way linking to the album’s final track, “Threats of romance”.

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Album review: Shortstraw - Those Meddling Kids



After releasing a new song with a music video once a month for the last year, Shortstraw finally released their third studio album, Those Meddling Kids, on 1 September. The band celebrated this event with a launch party at The GoodLuck Bar in Johannesburg. The Cape Town based electronic duo, Floorslive, took the stage first. Their moody sound got the throngs of people waiting to get in swaying and excited. MIAGII followed them with a hard rock set that was reminiscent of Van Coke Kartel and Foo Fighters.

Shortstraw started off their set at The GoodLuck Bar with the first song on their album “Ignorance is Bliss”. According to a press release from the band, this song was born from a ten year old idea. “Ignorance is Bliss” is a perfect beginning for the album as it starts slowly with a keyboard instrumental and then flawlessly goes from that melody into something more hardcore sound synonymous with their Indie-Bele sound. The strong vocals intertwine beautifully with the changes in rhythm.

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Five minutes with Medicine Boy


Medicine Boy is a dream noise duo, consisting of Lucy Kruger and André Leo, from Cape Town. Their first EP, More Knives, was released in 2014 and their debut full-length album, Kinda Like Electricity, was released in August 2016. The duo will be going on a spring tour of South Africa this September. Perdeby caught up with them to find out more about this duo.

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Blood Brothers 2017: Chris van der Walt


Blood Brothers will see South Africa’s rock icons unite for one night only, this year in support of the Vrede Foundation. Ten of South Africa’s favourite rock icons will be collaborating to perform some of their greatest hits on one stage. The third annual Blood Brothers concert will take place on 30 September.

Perdeby caught up with Chris van der Walt, bassist for The Black Cat Bones, who will be part of this year’s group.

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